Saturday, April 01, 2006

Kitchen God

I now have another new nickname. The humans are starting to call me the Kitchen God. And I'm sure you would know why I'm called that. Yes, that's because I'm always stuck in the kitchen.

For those who do not know what a Kitchen God is, here's a short write up from

And I do work hard in my job! Here's all the pictures as proof! See how busy I am everyday, guarding the various kitchens!

Kitchen Inspection here

This is such a boring job...

There is absolutely nothing interesting going on in THAT kitchen

So all of you better be nice to me, give me more food and I will give you a good report to the Jade Emperor


Anonymous said...

Well well. I bet the report on me to the Jade Dogperor must be brilliant since you always get food from my place.

Anonymous said...

I know that kitchen God is wonderful a
heavenly ruler!What nice picture you take Herbie,Thank you for sharing that with us:)Liks on your nose