Tuesday, April 25, 2006

How much am I worth?

My M is going to start a new job next month, at some far away place. By far away she means more than 20 minute's drive. Anyway, the new job means that she may have to come home quite late on certain days, so she's contemplating if it's worth getting a 2nd car, since my MM is in sales and he would definately need his own car.

She had a conversation with Uncle J, who suggested that she sell her camera and me (ahem!) to raise funds for the new car. Guess what was her reply? She said that she could at least get back about $1k+ for her camera, but for me, she might have to 'toh tiap'. Again, for the benefit of those who do not speak the hokkien dialect, it means that she may have to pay the other party instead to take me.

Well! I will have her know that there are people who would LOVE to have me! They would gladly take me in, and not accept a single cent!

Hmm, but I wonder, would anyone actually pay to have me? How much would you guys be willing to pay for me? In terms of cash, chicken wings not included.

PS: This is just a 'what if' scenario. I am NOT for sale, or giveaway, really. Although I know how much you guys want me, but I'm staying put in this house.


Anonymous said...

I dont mind having you around the house .... for half a million :) ..... so you sure you not coming with me??

In fact, I am a big fan of yours you know ... You will be well treated of cos :) come come come

PS : .... half a million Indonesian Rupiah ....

Anonymous said...

I offer a drumstick & a can of beer :P