Monday, April 04, 2011

Foot Fetish II

Apparently, not only do I have a foot fetish, I only have a fetish for certain feet, as my M found out recently.

Look how I rejected my M's feet in favor of my MM's feet? A few times she tried to interrupt my licking frenzy by stuffing her feet in my face but I moved away.

To console herself, my M has declared that my MM's feet are more 'stinkoooo', that's why I like it more. And now she refuses to let me lick her after I've been near my M's feet.


Amber-Mae said...

MM's feet must have a stronger fragrance than M's feet, huh Helios? Was it salty?

Harley Harrington said...

That's a great way to get your feet washed. I will have to try that with my dogs. Hopefully they won't run away in horror! lol