Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Project JK

My M received an email from one of her ex-colleagues recently. Apparently, Aunty J and her friends are now trying to help strays and control their population by sterilisation. A short write up from Aunty J below:

"Project JK originates from our Jalan Kayu area where one of our stray feeders tend to - we've started since March to sterilise as many strays as we can. Along the way, we rescue/treat the injured, sick ones, rehome some of the pups though I must emphasise rehoming is NOT our priority. We've come to learn and see that rehoming is a tricky issue..with people who may be strangers coming forward with an appearance of sincerity...after much screening, at times, we do make an error in judgement and dogs end up neglected/not properly socialised...and returned to us.

Having spend much time with our strays in the farms/industrial areas, it is a delight seeing how happy and free they are. Theirs is life of everyday adventures, with their family, pals, and the ocassional fights, esp when it's mating season!
But on the whole, if you look thru my blog - look into the eyes of the dogs - look at the joy in the eyes of our strays - I particularly remember Sunny-Boy - he was contentedly sitting at my feet, gazing at me with sweet eyes, and then just totally lost himself in the cool wind blowing on his puppy face - his eyes are closing...and he is smiling to himself....very endearing... and I know, he is happy just where he is, with Scruffy and gang.

Strays are born of a different nature. Freedom is a gift they treasure and quite often, they do not flourish in sanitised homes. They thrive in the dirt and streams and rough and tough play. I'm not saying they all cannot be rehome, those with milder temperaments/humanly attached, do well, but more often, you can see so clearly they belong where they are.

The only issue is CULLING, which the authroities do randomly, even for strays that are sterilised and that is what we are trying to avoid. Nip the issue at its roots - unwanted births. Thus the solution if not culling - (that has been proven not to work) - humane solution is STERILISATION. and down to the very roots - it is to target uncontrolled BREEDING on our breeding farms/petshops. It is a viscious cycle: unregulated breeding --- uninformed buying -- pet neglect/abuse/abandonment -- increase in stray numbers --- unwanted births from unsterilised strays -- culling by authorities.

Unwarranted loss of lives if only more efforts and funds are channelled into regulating our breeding farms, make microchipping compulsory to deter abandonment and further to aid animals welfare socities to sterilse strays, instead of destroying them."

You can find out more from their blog, Project JK

Also, they have a young lab up for adoption. Please let the word out that Lucas is looking for a home if anyone wants to adopt a lab.


Anonymous said...

Hi Herbie,
It's so nice of your M to help out in Project JK to help the poor strays.

~ fufu

Anonymous said...

Jalan Kayu is where most strays are. One of my grandaunt, feed the strays everyday (God bless her). Because of her compassion, she also put some strays at Animal Lovers League. She can't afford to pay for their 'accommodation' so she volunteer at Animal Lovers League by washing them on weekends. I have a stray friend there too and he is call Brownie.

Thank you to Herbie's M for posting this.

Anonymous said...

fufu: Oh, my M's not involved in the project. She's just helping to spread awareness.

Scuba: So nice of your grandaunt! Ya, Brownie's been at ALL for a long time now, still waiting to be adopted.