Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Who is suitable for 'Funny Things on Head'

The other day at the park, Aunty S attempted to balance Joey’s ball on my head. However, it took many tries before the ball stayed up.

My M came up with this theory on why I can’t balance things on my head as well as Rafv. Rafv can balance stuff on his head very well, because he’s got stand up ears. So with the ears blocking the left and right of the object, the only other paths it can fall off from is front and back, which makes balancing a ball a lot easier. Whereas for me, I have flappy ears, so there’s nothing to block the rolling of the ball.

Sounds confusing? To prove my point, look at the picture below.

Stay ball... Stay... Good Ball!

See? Rafv’s ears helped block 50% of the area.

The point of this post is, next time anyone wants to do another funny things on head series, PLEASE do it on Rafv instead.


fufu said...

Hey herbie,
You're right, your logic does make sense.
Must tell your humans to not put things on your head already.

~ fufu

chester said...


i almost choked laughing at Rafv's picture! it really looks as if his stare was keeping the ball still! :D

p.s. i wouldn't mind people putting cheese muffins (or anything yummy) on my head though, so everytime it rolls off, i can just eat it up! hopefully the humans are silly enough to keep putting muffins after muffins on my head!!!!

Sunshade said...

Herbie, you are one smart boy!! I'm sure Rafv's hair keeps the ball in place too right?

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

rafv said...

ryo : haha! Herb. Is this photo taken recently? I haven't seen him looks so ahh.. so concentrated.

I think you are right. His ear prevent things falling down. and Sunshade's logic make sense too. Rafv's fur is not like your silky kind, more like harsh one... I must give Rafv a Omega thingy next time like what you take.

Jay said...

Hey Herbie, J tried to balance cuttlefish or my head, and I did not mind. In fact, I was hoping that it will drop so that I can sink my teeth into it.

Maybe you could get your M to balance food on you instead?

herbie said...

fufu: the others have just given me a fantastic suggestion!

chester & jay: food is a really good idea!

sunshade: Hello! and welcome! Ya... his fur helps too. My fur is simply too silky soft to keep anything in place.

Aunty R: It's an old photo my M took at Marina.

FRQSTR=19274566x300502:1:1440|19274566|19274566|19274566|19274566 said...

Well, perhaps it's the direction of the indent on his head, coupled with the harder fur and enhanced by the ear factor. Doggie-science.

Bussie Kissies

moothoo said...

Just served in.

OK amongst the many doggie blogs I went to, this one is probably one of the better ones with more sensibility and lovely photo.