Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Saved by Tommy

No, not us being saved by Tommy, but the humans. Seeing how often Tommy logs onto the PC, I guess his story would never be told if I did not do it for him.

On Sunday night, all the humans went for dinner and a late KTV, and me and Tommy spent the evening with Scuba. Well, Aunty S went to bed and by the time our owners and Aunty V came back to pick us up, it was about 1am in the morning. Unfortunately, Aunty V just changed the lock to her door, and forgot to put the new key in her keyring.

So there were the humans, outside the door, and us dogs, inside the door. Scuba was fast asleep by then, as was Aunty S, so she could not hear the doorbell or the phone ring. The humans hit onto the bright idea of asking Tommy to speak. So through the wooden door, we could hear them whisper 'Tommy, speak!'. Of course, Tommy obliged by barking. But there was no noise from Aunty S's room. The humans were just thinking maybe if they give the command 'Tommy, go to Aunty S's room and speak', Tommy might really do so.

Luckily, by then Aunty S had woken up and opened the door for the humans, and we were reunited with our owners. The humans all praised Tommy and said maybe next time they can teach him to call individual humans.

Well, you may be thinking what was I doing then? I was at the side looking on, I mean, since Tommy is so eager to do the job, no point me making so much noise as well right. However, my M doesn't think too highly of me. She said that if I was the only dog in there, we'll never get into the house. Well, it's not my fault if you can't hear my whines.


Anonymous said...

What noise? What commotion? What barking? What whining?

Well well the real reason I didn't hear anything was because I was in my bedroom with the aircon on (shuts out all the noise).......actually, Herbie was right, hehe I was sleeping.

If Auntie S didn't put me to bed, I would have been 'speaking' together with Tommy.

Anonymous said...

herbs u are lazy... i bet u will bark your head off if u smell them outside the door eating drumsticks or steak!