Monday, May 01, 2006

Let's go to the Beach!

We had another outing to the beach yesterday morning, and it was such a hot, hot day! Even non-water dogs like me and Jack voluntarily went to the water to wet our bums to keep cool. Unfortunately, my M did not manage to grab a pic of Jack getting his butt soaked, coz he did it before we arrived. By the time we reached the beach, Jack is back to his usual pose, which is to sit on the sand with a stern look. Well, I guess a big boss does have to keep up appearances. No use letting us see his non-glamourous, wet bum look.

Buzz off!

With the last few evenings raining heavily, it was a good day for us dogs to be out, and even Chili and Sugar made a rare appearance! Don't they look like some advertisement couple running side by side?

Sugar: I wonder if there's any chance some movie director will be here

I didn't know it, but Chili was afraid of swimming as well. Like me, he'll only voluntarily wade up to chest deep water.

It's chest deep already, not going any further!

Sugar, on the other hand, was enjoying her swim. She's one fearless dog, I tell you.

I'm not scared of water!

Unlikes Scuba, who simply hates swimming. He was looking towards the beach in apprehension even as the humans were having breakfast by the beach. Scuba will scramble off once he reaches land after his forced swim. What a disgrace to his name. Scuba, you're supposed to love water for god's sake! You're Scuba, as in diving.... geddit? You're not supposed to have this perpetual panic stricken look everytime you're in water!

Help! Where is land??????

As for me, although I do not like swimming as well, I still manage to maintain a dignified, if not resigned look.

Being carried out to the execution ground... note the dignified look... SIGH!

Aunty S was having a whale of a time carrying me out to the sea to swim. I lost count of the number of trips I had to make back to shore.

Slowly paddling my way back

And you can see how glad I am to be standing on my feet again.

Ahhh.... land!

I was even made to try out Scuba's life jacket and forced to swim even more! I look like a handbag with that life jacket, and Aunty S found it so much easier to drag me into the water with the very convenient handle.

Arghh... sun in my eyes!

Unlike the water dogs Joey and Tommy, who are actually HAPPY to be in water.

Anyone wanna join me for a swim? Anyone? Anyone?

And Joey is always going after his ball. I don't know why my M bother to take his picture. It's always him with a ball in the mouth. I tell her, just use any of the old photos and Joey won't even be able to tell the difference.

Same dog, same pose, same ball.. just a different day

Speaking of pictures, I don't know why my M likes to take such unflattering shots of us shaking water off. All those loose lips and big floppy ears captured on the camera! Totally unglam! She said it's because we looked so funny. Those humans, having their jokes on our expense! Humph!

I think Tommy needs a lip tuck

Look at me, swinging my fur. Some shampoo ad huh?

And Tommy was definitely having lots of fun frolicking in the sand and running up and down the beach. He was alternating between soaking in the water and having his back scratch on the sand.

Itchy itch itch

I can do a better running pose than Chili and Sugar

It was a very tiring morning, after the beach we had to endure a bath. Scuba slept immediately during the ride home, and I heard Tommy had a power nap in the afternoon as well.

I was so tired that I cuddled up to my M and MM while they took their afternoon nap on the sofa bed. My M complained that I took up too much space on the bed and she had a hard time finding a spot to sleep. Well, you can't blame a tired dog, afterall, they were the ones who forced me to swim!


Anonymous said...

Hi Herbie! So you were soaking in the sun (and sand?) too eh? Didn't meet you though I think I saw Tommy, Chilli & Sugar from afar! ;)

Anonymous said...

ho dinkz, were u there at the beach too? Most likely I was at the sheltered area looking for food when you came. Only Tommy would be sticking to the waves.

Anonymous said...

Cool shots. Especially enjoy d drying off pics. Perhaps u shld compile a photobook.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME beach pictures ,All of you look like you enjoyed your swim!!Dosn't get any better then that!woof`woof

Anonymous said...

thanks groovy & sam, we had loads of fun! except for my swim. :P

photobook? what's that? as in physical or online photobook?

Anonymous said...

Omg! Sugar and Chilli are so cute!