Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dog Abuse

Remember I said that my baby sister loves me?

Now I'm beginning to think that it's not that true. Look at what she's doing to me?

She has now taken to whacking me with her book. And after that (not captured on video), she even attempted to dig out my eye with her thumb!

(M: The funny thing is, the baby is confined in her playpen and Helios is outside. He could have walked away when she started 'bullying' him and she won't be able to reach him but he chose to stay there and let her finish her evil deeds (pulling ears, pulling fur, whacking head, poking eye) before he walks away. Then he'll stay there looking very sad and resigned the whole time. What a silly dog!)

Although after that she tried to make up to me, I couldn't quite decide if I should forgive her.

Oh well, I think I'll forgive her.


Anonymous said...

Pls discipline your kid not to abuse your dog!!!

Anonymous said...

I do not find this cute or funny. I am taken aback that a dog lover can let her kid abuse her dog by hitting him on the head with a book repeatedly..
Pls stop this and train your kid not to do this to a dog who cannot defend himself or allow himself to be abused by a trusted family member without any retialiation.