Friday, October 02, 2009


My MM has driven the car to the neighbouring country for the next 2 days so we were left car-less. My very adventurous M then decided we should all have a long walk on Thursday morning to my baby sis's infant school. Since I did not have my regular Sunday shower last sunday, she thought it'll be perfect to shower me and then air-dry me as we walk.

It's a 10 minutes drive usually, but it ended up being a 45 min walk because my M complained that I was behaving like a tourist taking pictures at every landmark. Because I was taking pit-stops... I mean, pee-stops at every other tree. But I can't help it, the trees were all so fresh and un-peed on!

Well, we finally reached the infant care safe and sound and took another 45 minutes walk back home.

We passed by our regular park and my M decided to unleash me for a while and she was amazed that I could still run after such a long walk. But never did we expect I'd start to suffer in the evening.

That night at Scuba's house, while I was horsing around with my M (she was slapping my bum in play), I suddenly screamed. Tommy looked kinda worried and Aunty Viv thought what happened as she has never heard me scream. And I was shaking and looking VERY worried, which got my M worried too. She pressed my thigh a bit and I screamed again. But I could still walk, so the humans deduced that I must have strained my muscle, like what happened to my tail when I swim too much.

Anyway, you'll be glad to know that I have totally gotten over my muscle strain after a good night's sleep, although my M said she won't be bringing me out for long walks today.



How Sam Sees It said...

Oh, Helios, please be careful! We don't want you to be hurting! I'm glad everything seems better.

Astrid Keel said...

Helios, I hope that you don't strain a muscle again... sounds super painful!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Be careful.....we got too enthusiastic with Toby one day during spring cos it was so sunny and yet no humidity and not too hard. Nice cool weather, one we would never get to enjoy in Singapore. Then at night, Toby was limping and when we did the touch and feel and stretch test of his hind leg, he yelped. Must remember GRs are prone to HD so cannot take too long and hard walks. Glad that Helios is ok now ; )