Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sunday Park

I finally get to go to the park again after 2 weeks! I was initially quite happy to be there.... until I got chased by some dogs.

What happened was, I was the second dog to reach the park, and there was already a JRT in there. After that a family of 4 westies came in. I think 2 of the westies are more dominant as they were kept on leash, but it was all right coz we were all minding our own business. Then came a family of 5 shih tzus! Now we have 2 different packs of small dogs, both in different corners.

Then I managed to find an empty plastic bottle and was playing with it. My M threw the bottle and I was running after it when 2 of the STs came charging and barking at me. I was not too happy so I showed them my teeth and ran back to my M. The owner pulled the STs back into their far corner and my M decided to pause my bottle game.

After what seemed like an eternity everything seemed calm so we started the bottle game again and they came charging at me again. This time I snapped at them and my M had to drag me off but she didn't scold me coz it's not my fault. Anyway that's the thing with a family of dogs, as they say, power in numbers.

It was only after the 2 packs left that I finally get to have fun with my bottle!

But I think after the scuffle I was on wary mode so I got into a near fight with another dog who came in later. My M didn't see what triggered it but she and the other owner quickly broke up our quarrel and we ignored each other after that.

And then came a Mini Scuba! There was a 5 months old MBT puppy who kept wanting to make me play. My M said that finally I get a chance to taste my own medicine (ie: being irritated to death). I must say I don't think I was every that irritating. Was I? I'm not.... right?

All these happened in a mere 1 hour. I must say my sunday morning park's schedule was quite packed.


Astrid Keel said...

wow! what an eventful day! we hope you don't run into those ST again... I loved the video of you playing with the puppy!

How Sam Sees It said...

We always seem to run into this problem at dog parks... It takes all the fun out of the day.