Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Art of Begging

I have recently attained a new level in the Art of Begging. It worked so well that even Aunty W, who seldom feed me from the table, could not resist it. I have decided to share my new found ability with my fellow friends.

Note: this tutorial is only suitable for large dogs. Small dogs will find difficulty in executing this move due to height constraints.

Step 1:
Sit next to intented target. For beginners, look for humans with weak will power, it usually works better.

Step 2:
Plonk your head down on their lap and look up at them with big adoring eyes. It helps that my head level is just right at the human's thigh level when they are seated. Do not pant, smile or drool. Just look at them and make your eyes as big as possible. Dogs like Scuba with beady eyes can skip the last step. If possible, squeeze out a few tears.

Step 3:
Wait for humans to feed you.

This is what you should look like.

Please, can you feed me?

Aunty W, on seeing this look on me the other day, made this comment, "This kind of face cannot don't feed leh."

Mission accomplished.

My M has started to call this my Ultimate Begging Look.

With Aunty W defeated, next on the list would be Aunty G. I think the day that I can make her feed me from the table, would be the day I attain nirvana. I shall have to think very hard on how to attain the next level of begging.


Joey said...

U think my HC will feed you from the table? Fat hope... she won't bulge. She always says... "Only feed the dog AFTER the humans are done with their dinner". IF, you can make her feed you while she is eating, Jack and I will kowtow to you.

Sarah said...

Hey herbie:

Ewan used to be pretty good at the begging thing too, but he's gotten kinda smelly recently because of his old-man-breath. He's not so attractive that way!

Anthony said...

Hi Herbie

My neighbour once brought their schnauzer dog down to the coffee shop. But the poor dog didn't get to eat anything the humans had.

You are sure lucky.