Sunday, July 15, 2007

Feeling sick

My apologies for the lack of update for the whole week. Somehow, I could not log into blogger at all for the week, and only managed to log in yesterday.

Anyway, I'm not in much mood for blogging because I was sick. For those with sensitive stomachs, you may want to skip this graphical post.

I think I ate something bad, and on Thursday after work, my M and MM came home to find this:

Initially they thought it was Helios, coz he was having soft poo in the morning, so they withheld his dinner (lucky me!) and fed me only. It was only after I've eaten that they realised that the one with the diarrhoea was me, the evidence being my poop-stained butt. But it was too late! I had my dinner! But it didn't stay in there for long... as you shall know later.

Luckily, they had just bought a whole new 12 rolls of kitchen towels. I think the needed that, coz they used up about a whole roll to clean up the floor. And my MM nad to mop the floor twice after that as well.

And on Thursday night, I woke my M at 12am, 2am and 4am to bring me to the grass coz my tummy was churning. And I puked out my dinner at 4am, and they were still in whole pieces. And I had another round at 6.30am, which is my usualy toilet break time for weekdays. My M felt that it was dangerous leaving me alone at home, so they dropped my at Scuba's house before they left for work so that Aunty S can look after me during the day.

And on Saturday, during our housewarming, I pooped right in the kitchen. There were so many guests that my M didn't notice that I had to go, and I had no choice but to make a statement. You should see how all the guests suddenly evacuated from the kitchen. Luckily my M did not scold me at all coz she knows I was sick. So being sick does have it's priviledges.

And I pooped again at home last night when my M and MM went out to watch Harry Potter. They came home at 2am to clean up the living room again, and luckily (for them), it was only one small puddle.

BUT! Being sick also means I get less to eat. To rest my tummy, my M only gave me chicken broth in the morning, and in the evenings, more chicken broth and a miserable half piece of chicken breast. She even had the cheek to say that this is a good time for me to lose weight coz I'm supposed to be on a diet!

I'm getting a little better now (cross paws), and there's no accidents at home today. I hope I get better soon because I'm missing my full meals!

Sick, sick me


Amber-Mae said...

Oh my my, you poor thing! I wonder what you've eaten wrong they made you have this terrible diarrhea? It's all over the house! Must be bad huh... I know I had this problem before & it was VERY embarrassing. And I don't mean poo-ing right in front of guests or in the guests house. One night after eating a bowl full of spicy chicken curry my mommy gave, I had a terrible stomach ache in the middle of the night. It happened at around 5am in the morning. I was sleeping in my hoomans's room(my mommy slept in there too that nite) & I blasted out diarrhea! And not on the floor, on the door, wall & cupboard, five feet high!!! Woh! I don't know how it got that high but it was just bad that night, I was wearing my underwear too coz, yeah... And that also made it worse! It was splatted all over the place, two meters away from me too! My hooman woke up, thinking what's that foul smell & when she switched on the light, "HOLLY CRAP!" I remember that line she said when she saw the mess. My mommy also woke up & she was shocked! So they both cleaned up the mess & at first they thought it was Chloe & they whacked her & scolded her upside down. Me? I just slept in one corner quietly looking innocent... But then! They found poo all over my butt, tail, feet & underwear. They washed me down properly & then we all went back to sleep. But then around 7am int he morning, I poo-ed in one corner again & mommy just cleaned it up & immediately brought me out to the grass. The whole room still stank until mommy mopped the whole place with bleach. They've been laughing about it after that but I was NOT amused! It was not funny at all! Hopefully, that won't happen to you too Herbie...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Duke said...

These things happen from time to time Herbie. Don't be embarrassed! Hope you're feeling better!

Love ya lots,

Charlie said...

Poor Herbie! That's no way to go on a diet!!

Anonymous said...

Pooor Herbie! We know how nasty tummy upsets can be! Did your M give you charcoal pills? And that hotspot on your head is still there huh? We hope you get really well soon!

Marley said...

Awww, thats terrible! I hope you feel better real soon. Mom doesn't yell at me either if I have an accident when I'm sick too. I hope you get lots of belly rubs and love, that always makes me feel better!

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

Heard you are much better and I was told you are not coming over today (Monday) to spend the day with me.

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Poor Herbie. I hope you're feeling better now... Please take care..

~ girl girl

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Hi herbie. Did you accidentally eat kibbles again? U take care and have a speedy recovery {{A warm hugss}}

Joe Stains said...

oh no we sure hope you feel better VERY VERY soon :(

Anonymous said...

oh man, that sure looks nasty (and messy)!

get well soon, buddy!

Luna said...

ewwww gross... remind me the "chocolate fondue" poo that my bro released after return from hospital.

Hope you can recover very soon Herbie. Lots of yummy food waiting for you =)

Anonymous said...


So sorry you aren't well. My Mum uses the same brand of towels as your Mum.

Get well soon ok? Eat more but poo normal and don't put on weight.

Love ya big guy!

e said...

OH I hope you feel much better soon. Please keep well and let us know.

Fei and E

Ben & Darling said...

I have the same pro few months back & mom slept like a dead pig. She just ignored me no matter how hard I woke her up in the middle of night. So I make a statement like you too....You are lucky to have a good hooman at home.

Get well soon Herbie.

The Brat Pack said...

I'm having explosive poop myself lately.

I hope you're feeling better. :(


Ume said...

hi Herbie,
hope your tum tum is feeling better now. it muz have been awful!