Sunday, November 05, 2006

Itchy Mouth

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, because my M won't let me post any other things until I have apologised. You see, I've been a bad boy lately. I've started taking a liking to our rug. That doesn't sound too bad, until on a few occasions, my M and MM came home to find this.


They punished me for it, but I don't know why the rug was so enticing that I went to chew on it for another 3 more occasions. It went from still useable to disintegrated after a few chew sessions.

Maybe if I can't see it, they can't see it as well

I guess the reason why I liked that rug so much, because it has the scent of all my friends. You see, the rug was placed right outside the toilet, and everytime after they washed their paws, they'll step on the rug and leave their scent behind. And me being in a single dog family, felt bored, so with my wonderful imagination, pretended that the rug is my friends.

Unfortunately, the rug doesn't play the same way as me friends, ie: we chew one another...

Got my mouth full

Trotters, anyone?

Gosh, come to think of it, will we disintegrate like the rug in the long run if we keep playing like this? I hope not!

Anyway, since I have to apologise, and I have heard on the mrbrownshow on the elite way of saying sorry, I hereby announce my apology:

I am sorry that the rug is so stupid it had to smell like my friends and entice me to kill it.

There! I apologised.

The rug accepted my apology, really!

I hope my new baby brother will come soon. At least there'll be someone else to pin the blame on. Plus, puppies like to chew.... a LOT! MuahahAHAHahahAHAHahaha


Anthony said...

Hi Herbie

I heard of dogs trying to play with newspapers..but this is the first time I heard of dogs playing with rugs.

Scuba said...

Maybe the rug (after cleaning by the expensive Rainbow vacuum cleaner) smell clean i.e wipe out all your friends scent and you were trying to 'search' for our scent. Haha not the other way round

Bond said...

I thought you should have outgrown the teething stage by now ???

My human will roast me alive if I ever do what you did. So Herbie, your M and MM are very nice to you ... remember that ... you never want to exchange humans with me >.<

Joey said...

you behaved exactly like Jack. He chews rugs and towels too. Thats why there is NO rug, NO towel, NO carpets in the house.
Did you poo out threads from the rugs? Jack did... and the thread was hanging out his anus. He screamed when HC pulled out the thread from his anus... rofl...

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Herbie,
Wahhh... you did serious damage to that rug buddy! I envy your courage.. my ma will 'slaughter' me if I did that.. so you are very lucky to be let off so lightly!!Oh, and I hope they did not have to pull out anything from your anus?? (almost fainted when I read Joey's comment abt Jack)..!!
By the way, did the 'trotters' belong to Scuba? Thought they looked familiar.. heeehee...

Jay said...

Hi Herbie, I hope your baby brother comes soon. Then you can pretend that it's not your fault!


herbie said...

Anthony - We play with anything when we're bored

Scuba - that will be my NEXT excuse

Bond - I will definitely remember that

Joey - I chew them, I don't eat them

Huskee - I was koked on the head with the rug a few times, plus a few slaps to the thigh. :(

Jay - I hope so too!

fufu said...

Hey Herbie. Haa. I like the pic where you got Trotters. Is that Scuba? Well I'm sure the rug forgave you, you have such a sad face.

~ fufu

herbie said...

Fufu: that's not me, it's Tommy and Scuba. And yes, it's Scuba's trotters. lol

Buster said...

Great job Herbs! I like the way you practiced with a small rug. Going for the big area rug next?

Speaking of things coming out of your butt, I had (ahem) somehow ended up eating - I mean mistakenly swallowing some tinsel from the Christmas Tree. Mom & Dad were having a party, I was so excited to see everybody I was running around - tail up in the air doing the meet and greet. I couldn't figure out why everybody was laughing til finally someone started in on how my Mom goes overboard for everything and even decorated the dog - I had tinsel hanging out of my butt!

Bussie Kissies

rafv said...

Your apologize are in correct. Not sincere enough.. No wonder your M and MM kocked you. uumm..

Very polite Rafv

Sunshade said... do make the best "I am very sorry" face you know. Unfortunately, closing your eyes really doesn't work that well..... Maybe you really need a four legged brother or sister? Not those leggless herbs...??

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Cubby said...

You are a riot! I will have to come back here and read more about you!

Rescued Gold said...

We have a rug by the front door that looks just like that...not the color but the technique of the shredding! LOL

Chatty said...

We've gone through many little rugs. Last night one of them found the M&Ms. That's going to be a mess later...