Sunday, May 06, 2007

Vet Visit

My M took Helios for his last vaccination last week, but unfortunately he could not do it coz he had a slight tummy upset from over-eating (told you not to finish up Tommy's dinner!). I think my M was a little pissed with the vet coz she claimed to have paid to listen to a 'lecture'. Funny, I don't see her doing any pissing at the vet tho, and I was there!

The vet asked my M what she fed that caused the tummyache, and she said we're on home cooked food (hcf), and he then asked her if we're on any supplements. So my M told him she's feeding us calcium (since our HCF has no bones, and therefore not much calcium) and the vet went 'Oh No you should not be feeding calcium!' and went on and on about why people do things they have no idea about and the dangers of over-supplementing with calcium. Even when my M pointed out that the breeder recommended calcium for growing pups, the vet still went blabbering about how too many people feed calcium without knowing about calcium-phospherous ratio etc.

And he disapproved of my M feeding us hcf, coz he said that we should be eating 'nutritionally balanced dog food', because the average owner don't know enough about nutrition to feed dogs. He even claimed that he studied a year of nutrition and even he dare not prepare his own dog's meal! Well, I would say that he have studied in vain then!

My M then made a passing mention that she would have given barf if she had time and I think the vet almost fainted. He was blabbering about why dogs should not even eat raw food and bones is the worst! He even asked my M if she would eat raw food and she told him she likes sashimi. Anyway, he said unless she has fresh chickens which she kill and feed to us immediately, he wouldn't call them fresh. And he yakked about why people want to think of dog's ancestry and feel we should feed raw meat like we're feeding wolves. And about how dog's stomach are not meant for raw food.

He also asked why my M fed hcf and she said it's coz I can't take kibbles. It's true, I have bad diarrhoea once I eat any brand of kibbles. He went on to say that there's no reason that the other dog (meaning Helios) should not eat dog food just because I am allergic to dog food, especially since he's a growing pup and needs a nutritionally balaned diet. And what's the main point of all these talk? You know how come vets will carry certain brands of dog food by certain companies? My M thinks it's because he wanted to recommended her the brand of vet prescribed dog food for 'sensitive dogs' which they carry.

My M did not want to start a debate with him so she just nodded her head while secretly rolling her eyes. Anyway, my M thinks that dogs have been living well on fresh food long before kibbles were invented, and fresh food is always better than dog food. Most of the time you don't even know what really goes into those kibbles! And with the recent food recall, dog food aren't that safe either.

And for all of these, plus a thermometer poked up Helios ass, my M had to pay $21 for 'consultation', which she felt she could have done without.

I'm sooooo glad my M did not decide to change our diet, or I'll be stuck with boring dog food every day!

She's now thinking of changing vets coz the last time she took me to for my vaccination, she also encountered another 'preachy' vet at the same place, and she cannot imagine having to listen to a lecture everytime she brings us to the vet.

Anyone can recommend any vet who is not so 'against' holistic or more natural ways for taking care of a dog?


Anonymous said...

MAybe u could try Dr Grace Heng from Joyous Vet She is a very nice lady.

jaffeboy said...

We go to Dr Kasey Tan from Mt Pleasant @ the Sembawang Road branch.

Althou he thinks kibbles are best balanced but he didn't give MaMa a long lecture about feeding us half BARF. He just told MaMa to read more about it for proper balance.

Maggie said...

My vet is always preaching about shots and mom is dead set against shots! These vets need to go back to school and update their way of thinking! They need to move with the times! Enough said!

Love ya lots,

Boo Boo said...

Dr Ling from Namly Animal Clinic is good and gentle and ok with holistics treatment.

Dr Chan from the same clinic is equally good. Both are very detailed and does not rush our humans and most importantly, very patient.

Most most important, Dr Ling is very sweet and gentle and clever, Dr Chan is very very very very very very very PRETTY :))

(signing off using BooBoo's account)

Anonymous said...

You can try Dr Jean Paul Ly or Dr Darlene Lauw at the Animal Recovery Centre. They have a branchs at Balestier Rd. They are knowledgeable and yet not pro or against anything that drastically. Easy to talk to and friendly though a little more expensive but you'll see why when you pay them a vist.

Cav & Toby

Joe Stains said...

What a jerky vet! We have a nice lady vet and she doesnt tell us stories about what to eat and not what to eat, she just tells us how handsome we are!

Anonymous said...

Your poor M! I hate being lectured too :-( is some what like bringing up children, every one has a different opinion. At the end of the day, we just try do our best.

Bella and I like Dr Lin from Animal Recovery Center (ARC). He is very nice, patient and not overly pushy on a particulat approach unless it is absolutely necessary. ARC is rather pricey though but we feel comfortable with the treatment and service there.

Bella and her Human.

Fu Fu said...

What a weird vet. I bet he's those that tell you whatever he read from textbook. I love your M's answer about the sashimi. I went to Namly Animal Clinic and the doctors there are nice.

ps So your M didn't piss on the vet?

~ fufu

Herbie said...

thanks guys for the recommendations! My M will see which one is nearer to our home.

Maggie: I know exactly what you mean. I get shots every 2-3 years coz my M doesn't want to vaccinate me yearly, she thinks too much injections is no good, and she got lectured by the vet!

joe: what a nice vet you have!

fufu: Nope, she didn't piss there, I would have seen it if she did.

Scuba the Muscle Boy said...

I love my vet and he never lecture my mom (even when I had the oxtail stuck inside me). He is semi retired so I am afraid I can't recommend him.

Luckie the Dachie said...

What a horrible vet! I second Namly Clinic too. Dr Ling and Dr Chan are really nice people. I did my puppy jabs and my spaying there. Prices are pretty reasonable too.

Viv & Chewie said...

Oh boy.. what a lecture! There's always 2 camps when it comes to things to feed our precious dogs. :S

You should have asked the vet if he would eat the kibbles himself.

Chewie (the white maltese) goes to Dr Sulyni at Animal Recovery Centre. Very gentle, caring and kind but dunno why Chewie always tremble with fear when she goes to the vet... *LOL*

Yeah, they tend to charge a lot but for my bao-bei, what to do? :Þ

Velvet said...

horrible vet!!! my M doesn't trust (local) vets @ all. for many reasons. sigh. i tink me mom prefers Namly to the rest of those she's been to.

its a pity M's fav vet is either retire or semi-retired. sigh...

Tigerkiller said...

Edmund Tan!!! He's very into alternative foods as well!

chester said...

now now, you've got me wondering who these long-winded and naughty vets are! hee hee hee! :P

well, when i talk too much, my humans growl and say "ENOUGH"! maybe your M should have stared the vet in the eyes and do that too!!!!

Thehiddenburrow said...

I go to Dr Hsu. They have 2 branches, one at Sunset way and one at Telok Kurau Lorong L.

He is definitely not naggy! LOL

Audrey is shy with guys but Dr Hsu takes the time to try and let Audrey warm up to him, instead of forcing her to do what he wants!