Tuesday, March 28, 2006

*sniff sniff*

I know, after reading my previous post, some of you must be thinking "but don't dogs have a good sense of smell?"

Well, not all dogs do. We are categorised into many kinds of dogs, there's the sight hounds, scent hounds, gundogs, pointers, retrievers, terriers etc etc... So, since retrievers are not scent hounds, I don't have a very good sense of smell. Heck, I don't even have good eyesight! BUT! I have a very good sense of hearing. I can even hear a crisps bag open half a mile away, or even an egg crack!

An example of how bad I am can be proved in a game of hide and seek. My M used to bring me to the old park at Toa Payoh where there is a zig-zag bridge on the pond. Don't bother about finding the bridge now, the last I saw it, it was cordoned off.

She likes to play hide and seek with me there. When she sees me sniffing far away, she will run and squat down right at the corner of one of the zig-zags, and start calling my name.

I will run towards the sound of her voice and start looking for her. But it takes me almost forever to find her, even when she's almost right next to me! Here's a little diagram. The black circle is my M squatting down... the blue lines... well, ever read jap comic books? It's supposedly beads of cold sweat.

And the red arrows are the directions that I run in, for like say, 5 times each before my M gave up and stand up so that I can 'seek' her.

(M: Herbie is really, really bad at hide and seek. I was squatting there and I could see him zipping right past me, in front of my eyes, and 4-5 times and yet cannot find me. Talk about major blurness! *rolls eyes*


ice said...

shame on u... i am a gundog too... i never fail to seek out a bird.... not to mention my FAT owner.... is your M very small?

yl said...

Herbies, you were trying to "give chance" to M, right?? coz if you always managed to find her within a short period of time, she might just throw a tantrum and not play with you anymore!! :P

herbie said...

yl: erm.. ya.. YA! precisely! I 'give chance' one... ermm... anyone buying my excuse?

ice: she hopes she is small... *sniggers*