Saturday, January 07, 2006

Bed Bed

Let me formally introduce you to my new bed, he's called Bed Bed. At least that's what my M calls it when she wants me on it. As it's a rainy Saturday, my M couldn't, or rather, was too lazy to go out and take pictures, so she dragged poor me and poor Bed Bed into the 'studio' for a shoot.

What? More pictures again?

I thought I was big, but Bed Bed is bigger. I could roll around on him without falling out. And controlled tests have shown that it can fit a MBT and a GR nicely.

Surrounded by Bed Bed

Although Bed Bed is very cushy and soft, I don't think I'm too used to it yet. I'll sleep on it but by the middle of the night, I start missing the floor. I don't want the floor to think that I don't like it anymore after getting Bed Bed so I try to spend some time with it as well.

Sunken in...

I hope the rain will stop soon so that my M can stop torturing me with her 'lightening', so that she can bring me to a dry park, so that we can go out. But I think that this is the rainy season, aw shucks!

What?! More rain??

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Herbie! Nice bed. Baxter, Elsie, and Ridge (from Labtails) got new beds at Christmastime, but they aren't quite as cushy as yours. I'm afraid our Lab kids would want to chew up a bed like yours. They seem to like their sheepskin-topped-foam-filled kind, but yours looks downy soft!

Yup, it takes time to get used to. Nice to hear of your concern for your old friend The Floor. My guys were concerned about their friend, The Brick Floor, too. But they're spending more and more time on their beds these days.

Thanks for stopping by Labtails! And enjoy your new bed!