Monday, February 06, 2006

Project Holy Innocents

This is an overdue post. Remember I said that I would be going for a pet education programme on 27 Jan? Before I start, I gotta give credits to Uncle Lam for taking nice photos of me. My M took her camera, but decided she can't handle me, the students AND the camera at the same time, so she asked Uncle Lam to help take photos with his camera. Uncle Lam was like the designated cameraman for the day.

I love body massages!

We were given a booth at the school, so Uncle J got some stuff from Animals Lovers League to sell to help raise funds for the shelter. We've got to thank all the nice and kind students who bought the calendars, pins etc with their pocket money. I'm sure all the dogs at the shelter will be very grateful to you!

Our booth...

By the way, see the wooden stand on the right? The wind blew and it fell right next to me. Almost gave me a heart attack man!

Besides me, there were other dogs as well. Aunty S (Not the other AUnty S who always feed me) brought Ewan and Aunty HL brought Leica and Zuiko. My M and Aunty S always said that Ewan and me are quite alike in character, we're both old and greedy and stupid. But I object! I am not as old as Ewan... he's ancient! I think he's 10 or what, and I'm not stupid! I subscribe to the philosophy "Act blur, think smart". Plus, Ewan is anti-social towards dogs, while I am a social butterfly.

Cranky Ewan getting a tummy rub

Ever played 'Where's Wally?'... now the new version, 'Where's Leica?'

Zuiko getting a walk to work off those calories

And this is Ghoulis (I hope I spelt it correctly), one of the teacher's adopted dog. He's a 6 mth old mongrel, and very playful. He kept trying to play with me, and I of course obliged. But we were stopped coz the students were more engrossed in our play than Uncle K's talk on responsible ownership.

Ghoulis having his ear scratched

The talk was held inside the AVA room, which was thankfully air-conditioned. I sneaked in as soon as the door opened to enjoy the cool air. I'm too used to my creature comforts.

Bum rub!

I think we spent about 3.5 hours there, and I was so tired with the weather, the students and running after pieces of steamed chicken, courtesy of Aunty HL, who prepared treats for the students to give us.

Falling asleep soon...

Overall, it was an enjoyable morning. Lots of food, attention, and followed by a nice afternoon nap. It's a dog's life!

Center of attraction!

When can we do something like this again?


June said...

Hi Herbie! I swear you have the cutest smile in all the photos. You do look rather sleepy towards the end, must be tired from all the affection and attention eh?

It's very enjoyable to read all your posts and learn what you've been up to. I must say that you write better than many humans I know! ;) Keep up the great work!

Rafv said...

One good deed, One life time.. You will surely awarded in the heaven later! Keep it up!