Monday, February 27, 2006


In response to Joey's post about cutesy names, I would like to correct the misconception that I only have cute nicknames.

I have other unglam nicknames too, which my M likes to bestow on me, whenever the situation is appropriate.

Let's start on the cute ones, besides 'E-ba-dy', she also calls me :
1) herbie-baby (totally acceptable)
2) herbie-oh (no meaning, but it's ok)
3) herbie-bie-bie-bie (like an echo of my last syllable)

some neutral names:
1) herbie-vore (as opposed to, carnivore, coz I eat veggies as well)

then comes the not so good ones :
1) stupid dog
2) diarrhoea dog
3) smelly butt (when I got poo stuck to my butt fur)
4) ugly butt/ head (depending on which part of my body is the hotspot on)
5) crumpled face (when I wake up and my muzzle is sort of crooked from sleeping)
6) greedy pig
7) oi dog

You can see that the bad names outweigh the good ones.

Oh, and my M and Aunty G once gave me a chinese name too. I am Tan Shi Man. It started with Aunty G saying that slow is my middle name, but my M said Food should be my middle name instead. So, it's Tan Food Slow, with Tan being my M's surname, Food = Shi, and Man = slow.

You know, there's a pretty HK actress called She Shi Man. I know, the pronunciation is a bit differenct, but at least the spelling is the same! :P

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Chubby Hubby said...

Our fave not-so-pretty nicknames for our two goldens are:

fish-ass and stinky for Alix, and
fatty, princess poo poo and sulky for Sascha.