Monday, February 20, 2006

'Studio' Shots

My M recently dug out some photos she took of me and my friends over the last few months in her 'studio'.

This is Mocha. Bear with me, our relation is a bit lengthy. Mocha is my M's sister-in-law's bf's dog. Sounds complicated enough? She is a 1 yr old American Cocker Spanial, and who just pee-ed on the 'backdrop' about 10 minutes this shot was taken.

Who pee-ed? Me?

Me and Mocha. It was not easy getting this shot. That firsky girl keeps moving around! I have to maintain my pose for a long time before we can get a decent shot. Actually, even in this shot, you can see that is is moving away.... AGAIN!


I personally like this shot of Tommy very much. He looks so happy, like some advert dog!


The 'Family' Photo. Jack and Joey kept being mistaken for being Scuba's sons, despite the fact that they are of a different breed, AND older than Scuba.

Spot the family resemblance?
And me... Mr Cool Dawg

Yo, I'm Cool, Man


Mocha said...

Don't like that ah, i already feel so guilty abt pee-ing on ur M's 'backdrop'.
i gan jiong mah... they don't call me 'xiao bian gou' (the pee dog) for nothing u know. ;P
Nice photos.. my fav is the pic i took with u, both of us are SO photogenic ya!
Scuba looked very skinny in the 'Family pic', and he dun look very pleased being the 'father' of Jack and Joey...haha...
And hey Herbie, u looked like a BBB (Big Brown Bear) with goggles!

JaffeBoy said...

Very nice pictures...

Now I know Y humans like to go studio for family potrait.

MayB one day your M don't mind "lending" the "props" for my PaPa to take a couple of shots of me. I want to look cool too!!!