Thursday, January 26, 2006

Pet Education

Ok, for those who wants my paw-tograph, I'll be holding a paw-togragh session tomorrow morning at Holy Innocents. Bring an original copy of my photo (no pirated ones please!) and I will stamp my paw on it.

Oh alright! I'm just joking! I'm not a star so there's no 'Meet the Fans' session. But I'll really be at Holy Innocents tomorrow. My M's bringing me there for a pet education programme. Not the pet being educated, I'm smart enough, I don't have to enrol in school, but to educate the students on responsible pet ownership.

With next year being the Year of the Dog, (Yeah! my year! But... is it still a dog's year if the dog is not born on the year of the dog?)Anyway... I digress. As I was saying, with next year being my year, a lot of people are worried that some people will buy a dog on impulse. Already, my M has heard of some people doing spring cleaning and dumping their dogs out with the old furniture, and buying new dogs. So we're trying to tell others that it's a lot of responsibility to look after a pet. I should know, I myself was given up my my previous 2 owners.

Pet education is not new to me. I've done a short stint a few years ago, educating some primary school children from an after-school care. My M managed to dig out some of my old photos. I know the black line across the eyes make them look like criminals, but as much as a child can be a pain at times, these are perfectly normal kids. I think my M said that we're not supposed to show their faces without their permission.

How much further are we supposed to walk?

Ohhh.... back massage! By so many hands too!

My M said she'll try to bring her camera and take some pictures of the event tomorrow. So there will be more updates soon!


Scuba said...

Herbie - those kids looked like criminals with their eyes covered

I bet you didn't have fun

GastroChick said...

Happy New Year Herbie. We are also celebrating the Chinese New Year as my dad is from Malaysia.

I start my pet education next week, well actually it is puppy socialization I'm quite scared as I haven't been allowed out yet.

i'm sorry to hear about your experience with the cat. I met a cat yesterday, mum and dad took me round to some of their friends, she didn't seem to like me much

Herbie said...

Bear, Happy New Year too! Don't worry about classes. It's lots of fun! You get to meet new friends, and I think your mummy will give you lots of treats to make you obey!