Thursday, February 09, 2006

I won't do it again....

I've been a bad dog this morning. Not really baaaad bad, but bad enough to get punished.

You know, with my superb acting skills, I've gotten our immediate neighbours on my side, especially the old granny. She'll feed me everytime she sees me coz she likes me... yeah... and her grand-daughters all like me too. However, My M is worried about what she's feeding me coz although she gives me bread usually, sometimes the granny also gives me biscuits with sweet fillings and even once, braised duck! Because the granny was so old and nice, my M can't seem to tell her not to feed me so much, and also because granny and me co-ordinate very well. Granny will suddenly just whip out her food and give it to me and I'll gobble up in an instance, before my M can even finish her sentence.

This morning, when I went out for my morning toilet break, I saw that granny's door was open, and she was standing by the window. Of course, being the good neighbour, I went to her door to greet her, and as expected, she fed me. That was not the bad part. When we came up after my toilet break, I saw one of the grand-daughter inside the house. Of course, I put on my cutest face and hoped for another bite. That was not the bad part too.

The bad part is, when my M opened our door as asked me to come in, I was still acting and did not listen to her. One thing about me is, food clouds my judgement. My M started calling in a harsh tone to 'get in' but I still stood there. I vaguely heard some noises but I was too engrossed in my role. I finally realised that my M was really mad when she dragged me in... opps... too late for me. One thing about my M is that if she gives a command, she expects it to be obeyed. She will repeat the command 2-3 times more and if I still do not listen, it's punishment time.

That's me after being punished... looking sad and contrite. I was trying to make myself really small.

Oops, I did it again

As usual, my M had time to grab a few photos of me grovelling.

I'm sorry....

I hope my M will forgive me. As punishment, she initially wanted to with-hold my breakfast. But decided to take pity on me when she left for work because I still looked very sorry, so she gave me a milk chew.

Will you forgive me.... pleassssse!

I won't do it again... I promise!!

(M: I highly doubt he will never do it again. He'll remember for a while, then when he sees food again, he'll totally forget that he was once punished for not listening to commands.)


hedonistics anonymous said...

hi herbie.. i love your blog!!

i have a Q for your M, though... what's the most effective way to punish a dog? My friend told me to smack his muzzle, but I'm afraid of retaliation if I overdo it...

Herbie said...

well, I get kok-ed on my head and a few slaps on my muzzle. The slaps were not that hard, we dogs have high threshold of tolerance, but it's more of my ego being hurt, and being sorry for doing the wrong thing.

GastroChick said...

herbie, you are so cute it must be so hard for M to punish you.

peewee said...