Monday, February 13, 2006

How embarrassing!

Something embarrassing happened to me at the park yesterday. My M just gave me a bath before bringing me to the dog run, so that I can run and air myself dry. After all that running, I wanted to take a rest so my M made me rest on top of a low platform instead of the grass as she did not want me to get dirty so soon after a bath.

Well, that's not too bad, lying there on the platform, letting the gentle breeze dry me up.... until... my M decided to let me listen to the recording of me snoring. One thing I do not like, are sounds coming out from phones. I don't understand how come there are voices or music coming out from that small boxy thing.

Ah... the cool evening wind...

Notice how I was resting right on the edge of the platform? Well, I forgot about that. In order to get away from the phone, I tried to lie down.... and flipped right over the edge!


Luckily, my M managed to grab my front paws, so I ended up on my bum instead of flat on my back. However, she also managed to laugh at me... very loudly.... and for a very long time. I tell you, she is sadistic! Laughing at my misfortune! Aunty V was there and she covered my ears up so that I don't have to listen to my M's laughter, but it was no use.

And if that's not bad enough, my M went around telling everyone how I almost fell off the platform. For the rest of the night, she called me 'Dog who fell off', and even made up a tune about it. Why do humans always like to make fun of us?

(M: You should have seen his face. His eyes widened in shock when he flipped over, and after that, he looked totally disgruntled. I think he knew he made an embarrassment of himself. )

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Mocha said...

Hahaha... that is embarassing!
Nice drawings also, I never knew how to use the mouse to draw with paws.