Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Updates... on my Birthday....

My M finally got settled down over this busy holiday period to upload my photos. Well, to start the ball rolling, it was my Birthday yesterday. I am now officially 6! I know, some may be asking, 'but aren't you already 6? It's on your blog since 3 months ago that you're a 6 year old GR?'. Well, my M said she rounded off my age, coz she can't keep track of 5 yrs and 9 mths, or 10 mths, or 11 mths. So to make things easy, she just said 6. But as of today, I am really 6 years and 1 day old!

My day was full of food, my perfect day! Too bad Aunty S AND Aunty V both told my M that I've already had dinner, or I could have eaten 2 dinners again. So now, yesterday's dinner will become today's dinner... make sense?

Back to my party, Aunty G baked me 2 cakes yesterday. Alas, none of them was 25kg, not even combined. But it's alright. They may not look very nice, but they sure were delicious! The bigger tray is beef and cheese bake, and the smaller tray is apple cake.

My 2 cakes... since I'm 6, shouldn't I have 6 cakes instead? hmm..

Of course, the usual birthday song was sung. Everyone kept saying I looked very happy with my cakes. Of course I looked happy! I thought I was going to have them all! But I don't mind sharing with my friends as well of course.

OOhh... are they all MINE?

As usual, the birthday dog gets the first lick.

lick lick lick

And then it was cut up and shared among my friends.

I want that large piece please

Instead of begging for food, this time I got them served to me.

Sitting on my throne, enjoying my food

And finally... no birthday is complete without a photo with the presents. I don't understand why they must always make me pose with the presents before I can open them up.

When can I open them?

On a side note, Aunty G told me her present for me got eaten up by Chewie. Apparently Chewie ran away from Aunty V's house and Aunty G had to use MY present to entice Chewie to come back. On the account that Aunty G baked my cakes for free, I have decided to graciously forgive Chewie.


peewee said...

Happy Barkday to yooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! ;)

peewee said...

Oh, btw got recipe for ur cakes?? ;)

Herbie said...

I have absolutely no idea, Aunty G does the cake, I'm only in charge of eating it. :P

Joey said...

Recipe for the beef/cheese pie
Ingredients - milk, cheese, beef, flour, eggs.

Joey said...

Yeah.. the cakes does not look as nice as the usual ones. Cos HC was using someone else's oven (dunno the right temperature), and was also in a rush to LOSE money in gambling!

footprint said...

Herbie can seriously balance on the chair? not bad.

as usual, photography skill nice~!

Happy bark-day to Herbie~!

rafv said...

Your beefcake is yummy! I ate a lot! (Remember? I normally doesn't take this kind of cake thingy... I like the cake to be soft like this time around. Ahh, cz my teeth is not good use for chewing..


Mocha said...

Wah Herbie, your eyes so big and round when you pose with your presents! :)

herbie said...

footprint, don't forget, I was once a stool performing dog. (check out my earlier postings.