Saturday, February 11, 2006

The day when my nightmare almost came true

Yesterday almost became the worst day of my life. My M and MM had to go out and so they left me at Aunty V & Aunty S's Doggie Day Care. Well, coz I've been having a bad tummy the day before, Aunty V gave Aunty S some instrutions on my care : No treats and to bring extra bottle of water on the walk in case i've got wet poo stuck to my butt fur.

I had no idea what the humans had planned for me and i thought it's gonna be another lovely day at Aunty V's place with lots and lots of treats. Imagine my disappointment when the minutes ticked by and there were no food. Aunty S did not even feed me anything although I kept following her into the kitchen.

Then night came.... still no treats. By then treats aren't important anymore. Where's my DINNER?!!? My stomach's growling, there's no dinner. I pleaded with my eyes and followed them around but no one took my hint. Or rather, they did but they ignored me. What's wrong with everyone? Don't they love me anymore?!

It was only until 10pm, that Aunty S asked Aunty V if my M has cooked dinner for me, and only at that moment Aunty V remembered that amidst all the instructions she gave Aunty S, she forgot to tell Aunty S that my M will not be cooking my dinner, so I'll be sharing dinner with Scuba. By then Scuba had eaten and gone to bed, and poor me, still dinnerless.

Luckily Scuba's dinner are all precooked, so Aunty S finally fed me my dinner. It was the worst day at Aunty V's house. Can you imagine? No treats AND dinner as well. It's almost a nightmare coming true.

When am I getting fed?

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