Thursday, February 02, 2006

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Rafv lied. I just confirmed, he's definitely GAY! And he was still insisting he's straight the last time I asked him.

He has been trying to hump me for the last few days, continuously! At first he pretends (as usual) to play with me, but in actual fact, he's just trying to get into a good position to hump me!

Rafv: Do you want to play?

And that is him, having his wicked way with me. All the humans just watched and took photos while my modesty was being outraged. It was almost like a freakshow!

Someone call the police!

Rafv won't even let me go after I escaped to my bed in the room. He just followed me in and made himself comfortable. And I don't know who passed the wedding couple stand to my M to place in front of us. Rafv and I are NOT married!

Wipe that grin off your face!

Well, one good thing is that after that, Uncle C smacked Rafv's bottom for humping me. Serves him right! But the humans said that it's coz Uncle C lost at cards, so he's taking it out on Rafv. Oh weel, at least Rafv did not bother me for the rest of the night.

And where was Tommy during all of these? He fainted of hunger, coz his Daddy was too busy playing cards to feed him. Luckily my M cooked him some beef so he will not die of starvation. And his mummy later came to bring him home for dinner.

Weak from hunger

For the last time Rafv, you're not my type! There's no happiness in forced relationships! Let me goooooo.......


Scuba said...

Guess I went home early that night, otherwise, I would have protected you by licking Rafv to death.

Wonder why Rafv is doing that? Maybe there is a shortage of bitches in our group.

Well there is Sugar but she is out of bound (mom said, strict order from breeder), there is Lolo but she is too small for Rafv, Then there are Bully, Mikki and Mikko and we hardly see them.

Cat Flying said...

Hey. My doggy did that too! I had two male dogs, a maltese and a jack russell. The maltese like to hump my jackie and poor jackie got to sit against the wall to prevent being outraged!