Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Yummy yummy

The prayers worked! I've got a special dinner last night. It was almost the same as what my M and MM were eating. I had grilled fish with fresh oregano, broccoli stems (coz the humans ate the florets), pan fried pork in olive oil with garlic and plain pasta.

My Valentine's day dinner

The humans had the fish as well, but with lemon too, and my M finally tried the duck pasta she always wanted to make, which she modified a little from Uncle Chubby's website. Of course, her pictures doesn't look as nice as his... hiak hiak hiak

The Human's Valentine's day dinner

And that's me, looking very serious. The food was so nice that I tried to beg for more when my M and MM were having their dinner.

Do Not Disturb

When are we having Valentine's again?


yl said...

my dear Herbies,

the next Valentine's Day is on 14 February 2007, Wednesday. so meanwhile, take care of yourself and make sure you perfect the right begging look.


Herbie said...

I've gotta wait one whole year??!
darn... any more festivals coming up soon?

yl said...

6 MAY!!!! NO DIET DAY!!!!! now, tat is a legitimate reason to ask M to let you pig it out!! :P

ndroo said...

Tell your M that her photos rox! and you may get urself a treat again!