Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The need for Plan C

Well, I thought my Plan B was working pretty well in keeping the lampshade away, but my itchy paws just have to scratch my head. So now my head has a wound, and the wound is making me itch more, so I scratch it again, and there's another wound, and so on and so forth, and so out comes the lampshade again.

Since the t-shirt obviously cannot cover my head, I'll have to wear the lampshade.... again!

Headless Dog

And my original plan of drooling until my chin is wet won't work anymore. Coz they now put a towel under the lampshade. Look at me! I look so stupid with that lampshade and towel, what an embarressment!

dog bib

From now on, I have to remind myself not to scratch so much. When can I remove the lampshade?


Hunter said...

You look miserable. Mum says she may want to get me a lampshade as well cos i lick my paws.

Joey said...

Herbie.. you look like a baby with a bib! so funny!

Hunter said...

could he be saying, Stripping of dignity from a dignified Golden?

Scuba said...

Well, you were at my place the other night - and you saw me in a lampshade too. How dreadful.

I have been chewing my itchy paws for quite some time. One 'fateful' afternoon (when Uncle Marcus was at my place), he decided to put the lampshade round my neck. Mind you, the lampshade does not even belong to me. It belongs to Chewie. Thanks Chewie for making me look so ridiculous.

Of course I am not comfortable. I can't see a 'wider' area and everywhere I went, I bump into things. Worse of all, my uncles and aunties laugh at me.

I know how you feel.

(I can join your lampshade club. Hehe just like Chewie can join Pepper's 'pin' club

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Lol, bro Mark is wearing one too at the moment! He scratched himself a hotspot on the top of his head. :(

Why do these humans invent such horrible stuff for us?

Get well soon friend!

Herbie said...

Hunter, better be good, lampshades are no fun, just ask Scuba.

Scuba, you seem to be living with the lampshade pretty well, at least you still play and hop and crawl. Life has no meaning for me after wearing the lampshade.

Cream, Mark and I suffer the same affliction. My M calls it the 'Itchy Paw Syndrome'. Sigh.

Hunter's slave said...

I feel like making him wear a lampshade for fun... Those secondary school girls feel him ICE CREAM... they will call doggie doggie and the greedy pig will go to them. If he has a lampshade, he cant put his head thru the gate... HA HA HA.

oldman said...

how about now?