Thursday, January 19, 2006

Rafv & I

You know, I think Rafv likes me, although he tries not to show it, and sometimes even make fun of me.

Why do I say that? Well, with the rain coming back again, there's nothing much interesting happening these few days. I've been going to Aunty V's house the last 2 nights to play with my friends. Rafv is a very dominant dog, and he doesn't like other dogs, especially large, male ones to growl at him, make eyes at him, hump him or bump him. If you ask me, he's so uptight sometimes that he can be quite a pain in the behind. His daddy and mummy have to constantly look out for strange male dogs or schnauzers. I don't know why but Rafv just hates schnauzers. Maybe it's the beard or something.

BUT, he lets me get away with most things. I can play with him, and even make growling noises at play and he's ok. The other day, when I was eating my raw hide, he came too close and I showed him my teeth. I'm not sure if he saw it but he did not get upset. That is STRANGE coming from Rafv. And last night, my M kept putting my paw on Rafv's head, and he totally ignored it. For a moment I was afraid he'll get upset and chomp off my paw. And my M (I don't know what hidden agenda she has, putting me through such tests) poked Rafv's mouth with my paw! Well, still no reaction from him.

We're the best of friends! With fake Scuba too!

So my conclusion is.... he likes me.....

Hmm... I hope he's not gay. Rafv, your're straight, right? *worried*

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Rafv said...

I am straight.. Herb. but you are the my only GR friends so far. Tommy doesn't like me, Teddy, Mickey hates me, I guess. So for my hidden agenda, "how to keep GR friend", I have no choice but be nice to you.

I indeed was not comfortable you poking me by your paw,
but I tahan. Yes, I tahan!

Please ask your mum not to test any more funny thing on me..

By the way, why I hate grey bread dog is they think they are macho enough to challenge me. wrong idea, isn't it?