Monday, January 09, 2006

Doggy Day Care

My MM just came home and picked me up to go somewhere. He told me that he is bringing me to Aunty V's house. Seems that Aunty V felt that it's a rainy day, we dogs are bored alone at home, so why not I go over to her house to play with Scuba? Anyway the humans are going over to her place tonight for century egg and lean meat porridge. Sounds yummy, I wonder if Aunty S will cook an extra portion for me.

When I went there, Scuba has gone out with Aunty S for his toilet break. Unfortunately, I heard my MM asking Aunty V about my dinner arrangements. Darn! And I was hoping they won't say anything so that I can have 2 dinners again.

Oh, I heard the door opening! I think AUnty S is back with Scuba!! Hi Scuba yes I'm here now please excuse me for a moment while I go beg Aunty S for scraps.

Wow I love coming to Scuba's house! Got better stuff to eat! Aunty S and Aunty V just gave me yoghurt and a pork bone!

Please excuse me while I munch....


Scuba said...

Herbie you are such a genius with the computer. You can even figure how to work on it from my house. I am impressed.

Mom has taken a day off today. This morning, she went to the supermarket and got me an oxtail and 2 halves of the pork bone. She gave me the oxtail this morning.

Because I am train to pee and poo outside, Auntie S took me out despite the rain and didn't welcome you at the door...........sorry my friend.

I didn't smell your dinner (sniff sniff sniff - looked like your MM didn't bring any over) but never mind, I will share my dinner with you. It is normally steam chicken with rice cooked with garlic, mince beef, carrots, peas and corn. Auntie S will add flexseed oil and meramine. I have solid gold kibbles added but I know you will not be having the kibbles. The only think is Auntie S will half my dinner now that I have half the pork bone. Hopefully she won't half yours.

Auntie Ryoko just came back last night from Japan so I am also anxious to see her.


rafv said...

Totally agree, Herb. I also love that they can give me a LOTS of chiken, beef etc. My M told me that I put on weight a bit when she saw me at the airport. I don't mind to put some more weight. Who cares, right?

Don't know why Antie S still give me a kibbles.. I should ask her I want to skip kibbles like you also..
uum, Good idea.

Nighty night!


Herbie said...

Rafv, the secret to not eating kibbles is pretending you are allergic to it. I have diarrhoea everytime I take kibbles (except for eukanuba), so my M don't give me kibbles anymore. And all the aunties know I am allergic so they don't give me either. Now I get all fresh meat or treats!

You should try this method!