Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Spring Cleaning?

Is it spring already? Coz my M and MM have been so busy cleaning the house the last 2 days. Well, 2 nights ago, someone came to our house and demonstrated with this machine, and they bought it. I don't like this machine, which they say is a vacumn cleaner, coz after they bought it they started cleaning the carpet, sofa, their bed, my bed and even me! It's noisy and it blows and suck in air at the same time

My MM said that it's my fault that he had to buy such an expensive vacumn, but my M has been going around telling everyone how she likes the machine, coz it sucks out all my fur from the carpet. I can't help it if my fur gets stuck to the carpet.

Anyway, she even took a photo to show how much fur has been taken out. Her old vacumn can't even clean this well. This is what happened to the water from cleaning just the carpet.


My M claims that the water is dirty from the cleaning, and the ugly mess of thing is my fur. I deny that accusation! It's not my fur, my fur's not that yucky! Will someone go tell them to stop accusing me of dirtying the house when it's their own want that makes them buy the vacumn? Now everytime they clean the house they go, "Herbie it's all your fault"

Poor me.


Joey said...

and I heard your M wants another GR? I think it is cheaper to shave off all your fur. Then, you'll be the Singapore Hairless Retriever.

Chewie said...

its a Rainbow aint it!lol.....My mistress says the same thing bout the cats and myself when she vaccums...-Chewie-

herbie said...

Joey: Noooooo!!!! My beautiful fur! I don't want to be a hairless dog!

Chewie: Yes yes! It's a rainbow! Aunty V was asking my M if there's a pot of gold at the other end of this rainbow, and my M said that that bowl of yucky thing is the gold, since it's my fur and I'm a 'golden' retriever. A lame joke, if you ask me.

fufu said...

No.. Herbie's M, It's not Herbie's fault that the house is dirty... It's the er.. er... dust from the haze...

~ fufu

Jay said...

Ohhhh...Herbie.. be sure to post the picture of your hairless body! I want to see a hairless GR. I have not have a chance to see one yet!

*runs away*

KIDYMD=#219050:FH_A# said...

They could take your fur from the rug and glue it onto some cardboard shaped into a GR and they would have 2 GR's!

Bussie Kissies

Scuba said...

I guess all the fur does not belong to you and you alone.

What about the time when we all go visit you (our fault too) ?

Opy said...

Hey Herbie,

It's a familiar story at our house too - around this time of year (not too much different to any other time of year really) - mum and dad start the familiar chant of "yellow hair everywhere". Charlie seems to shed 12 months of the year !