Sunday, September 10, 2006

Wine and Cheese Party II

The humans really know how to enjoy life. They've been having wine and cheese party almost every night for the last few nights, not that I'm complaining, since we dogs get to eat the cheese as well.

But I must commend them for the ever increasing fine selection of cheese. Look at what we had last night!

10 different kinds of cheese, grapes, celery, carrots, assorted biscuits and bread! Sounds like a meal in itself!

I can't remember all the names of the cheese, but they're generally:

1. Have to ask Aunty V, forgot what cheese it is, but Uncle C calls it the cartoon cheese, coz it's got holes like the cheese in tom & jerry cartoons
2. Camembert
3. French Brie - My M's favourite
4. Port Cheese?
5. Apricot Cheese
6. Mexican Cheese - but the humans call it the otah cheese, coz it looks like otah
7. Matured Cheddar
8. Blue Cheese
9. Smoked Cheese - the humans call it the ham cheese, coz it looks like ham *duh*
10. Boursin Herb Cheese

Don't ask me what I like best, coz I love them all! *licks*


JaffeBoy said...

You are one lucky dog Herbie. I love cheese too but MaMa doesn't like be eating them. All I get is one tiny little cube of the "laughing cow" cheese.

I think the cartoon cheese is Swiss cheese. I think they look so cute.

Jay said...

Oh no!!!!! Herbie, you gotta suck in your tummy now!

Cheese is FATTHENING... this means that you will be FAT FAT FAT!!! *oppppsssss*

Unless the humans bought low-fat cheese?


Scuba said...

The Tom and Jerry's cartoon cheese is called Emmenthal.

Jay - as long as you think they are low fat, they will be Hehehe.

fufu said...

Wow.. I would love to get my paws on some cheese too. :)

~ fufu

Sam I am said...

Cheese buffet talk about a Smorgasboard!!!! Can we share,

Lot's of Lick's

herbie said...

cheese is goooood.... but I think the humans are starting to get an overdose, they say the cheese and wine party will have to stop soon.

Sam, sure, it's always good to share with friends!