Saturday, September 23, 2006

Surfer Dudes

Warning, this is gonna be one of those extremely graphic intense post again.

It's a wonderful day and we're back at the beach again. Aunty W said that she suggested going to the beach again coz Tommy had not bathed for a month and it's about time he takes a shower. No wonder Tommy's starting to smell weird recently.

My M went to the market early in the morning to buy breakfast to bring to the beach, and she almost forgot me! Looking at the diagram below, I am the brown X, made to do a down stay while my M, the blue X, went to buy food at the stall. The round circles are tables, and the little black dots are a group of aunties who will come into the picture later.

Scene re-enactment

My M, after buying her food, was so busy thinking about what to buy next, that she walked away without collecting poor me, who was still lying there obediently. It was only when she almost reached the ends of the stall (red arrow) that she remembered me (!!!) and walked back. And I think the aunties knew, coz they smiled at my M and said 'you forgot about him ah?'

What a start to my day!

Anyway, back to the beach. Joey was as usual extremely busy with his ball, and Jack was as usual sitting on the beach with a grumpy face. I keep telling my M, don't waste time taking their photos, it's the same pose everytime. Just take any old photo and change the date. If you don't believe me, just go to my M's photo gallery and look at their beach photos.

Same pose

Same pose again!

As for me, I was initially happily chewing my coconut, hoping that there might be some juice or meat left.

Where's the darn meat??!

Until Tommy went fetching and he brought this back.....

Look what I found!

I thought life would be safe without crazy Uncle C around, but I was wrong.... the humans decided that Scuba needs a lesson on surfing. And not the internet-blogging kind.

Surfer Scuba!

Is the term surfer scuba an oxymoron? Since scuba divers are supposed to be underwater but surfers are above the water?

Scuba apparently, was really trying to stay ABOVE water. For a dog named Scuba, he sure hates the water. So Tommy decided to go out to the rescue.

Hang on there, bud!

Don't worry, we're reaching land soon!

And would I be so naive as to think that with the rescue of Scuba, it will be the end of the story? Of course not, coz poor me is next in line!


Look at my totally disgruntled face, did they think it was funny?

Urgh.... can someone get me out of here?

Boy was I glad when they finally let me off and swim back to land. Look how happy I was once my paws touched the ground. What a contrast to the gloomy faced me in the first picture.

Land ahoy!

And what was Tommy doing after getting me and Scuba into trouble? Happily running around with his rope toy and getting all sandy!

La di da~~

Call me Sandy

And of course, before we all leave, we had to take a group picture.

Say cheese!

And right after all the magic shot was taken, we all ran back to our owners. Scuba looks half awake here. He was complaining that usually wakes up at 9-10am but this morning he got dragged out of bed at the ungodly hour of 7am and dragged to the beach and forced to swim.


I am sooo, sooo tired from this morning's activity that I think I will need the whole day to recuperate. Excuse me while I take my nap.

Wake me up only when it's dinner time


Serene said...

Herbie, you just made my day with this wonderful, funnie post. very happy tat u and your friends had a great time at the beach.

As usual, great photos from your M!

ice said...

herbie, be honest.. r u sure your M really took a picture of Jack? it looks the same... no change at all..

Be honest...

KIDYMD=#219050:FH_A# said...

Jack even looks the same in the group photo like the old photo was photoshopped onto the group!

I love to swim at the beach! I ignore the waves unless they are big and I can't ignore them!

That second photo of you "surfing" says it all!

Bussie Kissies

fufu said...

You guys sure looked like you had fun at the beach.
How does the coconut taste?

~ fufu

herbie said...

Aunty S: Yup, it was a great morning to be out, even with the trauma of surfing

ice: my point exactly! Jack only has one expression in photos, and its called grouchy

buster: actually, I hate swimming

fufu: the coconut wasn't too nice. It's all dried up and there's no meat or juice.

Jay said...

Hi Herbie, you looked so grouchy on the "surfboard". Stay clear of those two uncles the next time yah? Then they cannot make you do silly things... of course, go to them if they are eating though! :)

Chester said...

Oh man! Looks like great fun!!!!

Love all the pictures (especially the "happy family" group picture)! :)

p.s. Gonna bug the humans to bring me swimming soon too!!!!

dink said...

hahaha! Herbz.. U r one big clown! My mummy burst out laughing when she saw you on the board...n how those two uncles were struggling to keep the board above water level wiv you on it! ;)