Sunday, October 01, 2006

Goldens Galore

My M took some photos some time ago but never had the time to post it up. It's GRs galore at the park! Oh well, not really galore since there's only 3 of us.

Here's Bailey, who just turned 1 last Thursday, a pity I couldn't make it for his birthday party coz my M had to go for an interview. I think I missed out on the food... darn!

Catching a breather



Me, a worried looking Kafv, and Bailey's butt

Playing with Kafv


yl said...

how on earth do you all know who's who??? they all look the same to me!! all beautiful goldies!! :P you can tell i am not a dog owner, right??

Joey said...

Nice pictures and great moving shots! My HC will probably take blurry moving pics.

Jay said...

Nice pics!!! Kafv looked a little worried though...

Herbie, did you bully him?

vee said...

hey herbie.. wad camera is ur M using? the shots r realli nice!!

herbie said...

yl: Well, you'll know once you have goldens :)

Joey: Erm... blurry moving pics will mean that you are moving... erm... very fast?

Jay: Ahem, of coz not! Really, truely, cross my heart!

Vee: My M is using a canon EOS 20D

yl said...

dear Herbie,

the chances of me owning a beautiful distant relative of yours is rather remote unless Lady Luck suddenly decide to give me a major reward by letting me be the sole winner of the grand toto prize so that i could pay off my study loan, buy a landed property with a sprawling garden for the goldie to run about in, with spare cash to get the goldie as well... but then, considering the fact that i am not a contributor of Singapore pools' funds, the chances of that happening is a big fat zero.