Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Don't call me if you don't want me

Humans are funny people. Well, just the night before, when my M took me down for my toilet break, there was a family standing at the void deck, waiting for who knows what. Usually I'm unleashed when I go for my toilet break, so there I was, sniffing the grass, and I heard the family commenting how cute I was. Since I'm off leashed, my M will usually keep a look out for people around us, and if she sees anyone, she'll make sure I either stay away from them or she'll recall me to her side, in case the stranger is afraid of dogs.

Well, this group of family, besides being charmed by my looks, their teenage kids also started making welcoming noises like 'tsk tsk', you know, how you'll usually call a pet. And my M thought they should like dogs so she did not attempt to recall me.

Now what does a dog do when he's called? Like any other obedient dog, I went over of course! And like any other strange humans, the kids started screaming. Of course my M called me back immediately. Mind you, I wasn't even running. I just jumped over a low hedge and was trotting over. Luckily, the kids's saner dad told them not to scream and that I won't bite.

My M almost wanted to roll her eyes at the kids. And this is not the first time something like this happened. The last time, it was an adult who went 'tsk tsk tsk' at me, and when I went over, she screamed as well.

Don't they get it that, if you don't want a dog coming to you, then don't make encouraging noises at it!

Did someone call?


fufu said...

Hum. Humans are a weird bunch.. I bet those who scream dont keep pets.

~ fufu

Chester the Border Collie said...

this scenario sounds familiar....i'm totally with you, herbie.

i love kids but i don't really like those that come near me, bark at me then run away...then come back again and bark at me then run away...i get real excited and i wanna play but sometimes the adults give me the evil eye and tell the children that i may be an evil dog. i mean....waa-aa-aat!?

so weird how these humans always seem to be initiating some sorta play but when we approach them, they just do the strangest things!!!

Jay said...

So weird... they called you over, yet screamed when you obeyed. Sigh... weird people we get nowadays.

dink said...

kekeke! some humans are plain silly right? a grown man actually did the same thing to me in an elevator, and when I leaned closer to sniff him, he reacted so greatly he was trying to flush into the elevator walls.. you'd think he learnt his lesson but no! he did it repeatedly dat weirdo!!

Esther said...

I totally agree! (on behalf of my doggies Bluey and Rusty)

Bear Bear said...

That's why I say, there aren't stupid dogs. Just stupid humans.