Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Belly Belly Happy

With reference to Rafv's musing about Mickey's sleeping habit, my M found evidence of me doing the same thing.

Belly, Belly Comfortable

I like sleeping like that, but my M is blaming me for putting paw prints on the wall. Note the marks circled in red.

Belly, Belly Dirty

Oh well, why can't she pretend that it's the hollywood wall, I mean, walk of fame. Just put some stars there and I'll even autograph the wall.


Scuba said...

Our owners do have funny sleeping positions so I don't understand what all the fuss is about.

I sleep like a 'suckling pig' (after all some of my aunties call me Pig Bull Terrier)

Delta Green said...

Nice to know ours aren't the only ones to do the same!

rafv said...

Oh bad bad boy to leave the footstep on the white wall, Herbie! but you really look so similar to Mickey. Amazed..


fufu said...

Hi Herbie, Is it really comfortable to sleep like that. My neighbour Bibi also sleep showing his belly

~ fufu