Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bon Appetit!

I went to Paris last night and came back.

Oh all right, not really Paris, but I can always pretend right? It was my M and MM's anniversary and they went to this little french place and had dinner al fresco. We all pretended we were on the streets of Paris eating and looking at the traffic. And I was supposed to be 'Fifi', I think it's a common french doggie name?

I don't mind being Fifi for the night, because I get to nibble at french cuisine as well! My M was feeling generous so she gave me a bite of everything, and later, big bites of the main course she can't finish.

Look at what I ate! Forgive the blurry pictures, they forgot to bring their cameras and had to use their handphones.

Pan Fried Foie Gras

I know, I know, it's very cruel to the goose, but I've never, ever tried it before, and others are raving about it, so I just gotta try it. I'll apologise to the next geese I meet for eating his friend.


My MM said I should not be given escargots. He's worried that I'll develop a taste for them and start digging for snails the next time we go for walkies.

And the main course....

Lamb Shank

Duck De Confit?

Look at that duck swinging right in front of me! I was made to sit and salivate while they try to take not too blurry photos with lousy camera phones.

Duck hypnotism...

I wonder if I can convince them that everyday should be an anniversary, then I can have french food everyday!


Scuba said...

EEEEKS Fifi sounds like a poodle. Nothing against poodles - they are highly intelligent

Wow the selection of food look sooooo yummy. Lucky you

You had so much food already and yet you came to my house to beg. Unfair Unfair

I got loads of snails in the garden. You can always start on your BARF diet and have them uncook.

ice said...

wow. u get all the tasty food!!

is your little brother created yet?

oh by the way, i got a crow today when i was offleash in the park.

russell said...

dun think snails are nice. my owner's stupid brother tried to feed me once, i spat it out. :(

KIDYMD=#219050:FH_A# said...

Ptooie yuk snails!

Bussie Kissies

herbie said...

really? the snails I had tasted yummy. Maybe because they're french? French snails are tastier?

Bear Bear said...

from no dinner to french dinner. lucky lucky. where's this place where they allow dogs??

Sam I am said...

Heya Herbie~
I tagged you in the new dog tag game. if you wanna play you haf to write about five things that make a good dog friend!
Lot's of Lick's

fufu said...

Woh the food looks really great Herbie,
So which is your fav dish?

~ fufu

Jay said...

The food looks great! Foie gras are J's favourite. May I know where is this place, so that I can get J to bring me along!