Thursday, September 21, 2006

Parking woes

Uncle M got a parking fine the other day when Tommy came to our house. Luckily, he wrote in an appeal and the fine was waived.

However, I think he should do this the next time:

Totally confuse the parking lady so that she won't know if she has to give you a ticket or not.

My M saw this car with a whole dashboard of parking coupons. What an ingenious driver!


KIDYMD=#219050:FH_A# said...

Perhaps M should have taken a couple of those?

Hey, have you signed into the Dogs with Blogs forum yet? We need you to vote for you fellow Singaporean Magic Fever as the Best Picture of the month!

Show your support! And she is so cute...

Bussie Kissies

tommy said...

heehee,,,my daddy got lucky this time.hope i can use my magic powers to blind the parking ladies...or maybe if i'm allowed,i can always glad to play with aunt "fatimah" heehee..