Sunday, September 03, 2006

Wine & Cheese Party!

We had a wine and cheese party on Saturday, or rather, the humans had the wine and cheese, and we dogs just begged for whatever scraps.

What're we waiting for?

Well, the humans, after a very satisfying dinner, suddenly had a craving for wine and cheese, so Uncle M, Aunty W, Aunty V and Aunty S went to Cold Storage at 9pm just to buy this...

Say Cheese!

while my M and MM went home to get the wine. We had a selection of blue cheese, french brie, pepper boursin and smoked herb cheese. Of course, the humans had to make us take a picture with temptation right in front of us.

Can we eat now?

Forgive the blurry picture, we can't help but moooove in anticipation.

The humans can't finish all the cheese, so they're saving it for tomorrow. If I had my way, I'll have gladly finished it up for them. Oh well, I can always beg again tomorrow.

Can't wait.... hiak hiak hiak


Scuba said...

The cheese was yummy. The wine was yukky

Jay said...

So Herbie, did you managed to taste any wine? Were you drunk? That's why you were moving in the last picture??

yl said...

hmmmmmmm... any underage drinking???

herbie said...

Me and Tommy doesn't like the smell of the wine, we keep turning our heads away when Aunty W tried to shove it under our noses. Scuba likes them tho. But Aunty V tricked me into 'eating' wine when she dunked the biscuits in wine.

No underage drinking, in dog ages, we're way above the legal limit. heh heh....

Aunty V took some photos of round 2 of the wine and cheese party, wonder if she'll post it up.