Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Some may not know, but yoghurt are good for dogs. No, not those flavoured kinds, although I would very much like a flavoured yoghurt. I'm talking about plain yoghurt.

Me and my friends have been saved from a bad tummyache by yoghurt on many occasions. It helps to normalise the bacteria in our intestines because of the presence of living culture. So whenever my M thinks I'm starting to get soft stools, she'll give me yoghurt. But I think that Scuba has them everyday. Lucky him!

Well, my tummy's not been very well the last week or so, so my M bought a humongous tub of yoghurt. I so look forward to my 'ice cream' treat everyday.

Eye power!

See how sweetly I am smiling at my M? I'm also using my special powers to make her give me the yoghurt earlier, and stop taking my pictures.


I think now I'm about halfway down the tub. If I can time it in such a way that I get soft stools once the tub is finished, my M may have to buy me another humongous tub... hiak hiak hiak....


Scuba said...

Herbie, mom buys the big tub too (if possible only the Paul's brand - and I believe Auntie G, your M and my mom swears by it). She buys the big tub so I can share with my friends when they come over. Oh by the way, I don't have it everyday.

Although she buys the flavoured ones for herself, she never gave me any. All I am given is the plain one.

Ask your M to buy another one then I can come over to help you finish said...

Boy! U smart Herbie! Who teach u to think like a human? ? ? You are a 'dog' in the 'rat world' or a 'rat' in the 'dog world' ?....hehe! Be it dog or rat, u are 'one hell of a dog' .