Thursday, November 17, 2005

Plan B

Well, I mentioned that I will explain what, and how my Plan B worked. As it was, I was lying at home with the lampshade, conceptualising Plan B, when a light bulb popped over my head.


Remembered that I've said before that drool will collect on the lampshade and let me have a wet chin? Well, that day, I decided to just let my saliva flow freely, so I ended up with a really damp chin, and I kept rubbing my neck on the lampshade so that the skin would appear reddish.

My M saw the extra wet chin that evening, and on inspection, saw the red skin and she was worried that I might end up with a new hotspot on my neck. So now she is in a dilemma. Shall she continue to let me wear the lampshade so that I will not lick the hotspot near my butt, but risk me getting a new one on my neck, or shall she remove the lampshade and risk me licking my butt? She is truly caught between the rock and a hard place!

At Aunty G's suggestion, she decided to let me wear a tee. Aunty G guessed that being so lazy, I would not want to flip up the tee to lick. Well, she is quite right on that score... it's not easy to stuff my muzzle under the tee, takes an acrobat to do that, I tell you!

Anyway, here's my new look, wearing my MM's old polo tee. Don't I look smart? Now, if only I can convince them to give me a tie instead of a leash....

Ahhh..... saved from the lampshade...

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tommy said...

wah u look very slim leh!