Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Power Dogs

You know, we dogs have special powers, although we usually try not to use our powers unless in extreme emergency. For me, my talent is in my Eye Power. Unfortunately for me, my M's telepathic powers are limited. Sometimes, no matter how hard I try, I find that there are certain signals that she just cannot received.

Based on some statistics I have complied, I realised the following about my M:

- 100% can receive "I got a tummy ache!!" signal
- 40% can receive "please open the door for me" signal
- 20% can receive "Can I have some of what you're eating?" signal

I don't know why the most important signal is the weakest!! Not to mean that the tummy ache signal is not important.

Everytime I have a tummyache in the middle of the night, I will walk to my M's side of the bed and STARE at her, without making any noise, not even whining. I just concentrate on my stare, and she will just wake up. Sometimes she pretends that she's dreaming and just pat me on the head and turn over to sleep, then I will start whining to let her know that I have to go... NOW. Until now, my M wonders why she will wake up even when I'm not making any noise, but she did not know that I had been using my powers.

Unfortunately, I was unable to get the same effect for the 'Feed Me' signal. It doesn't always work on my M. but I find that it works very well on Aunty S, Aunty V and Aunty R. Seems that most of the Aunties have fallen for my charms. I guess I'll just have to work harder on my M.

Excuse me while I go meditate.

Look into my eyes...


Ice said...

If your M dun react, you can always hunt for the food yourself...eye power is used to point at birds and cats.. if not, i always wait to finish russell mutt's food.

Scuba said...

I don't think anyone will give me food so you can come over and have mine (if possible, can you share it with me). I am so hungry and they are only giving me soft diet which I think it is congee (expect my tummy to be fill)

Ice said...

Scuba, i feel so sorry for u... life without MEAT? gosh. how long will u be on this diet? then u will no longer look round and nice.. :(

Scuba said...

At 4pm, Auntie S made and gave me porridge / congee with mince beef and carrot (cooked until soft). The reason : I have a 5inch insertion done on my stomach (yes on my stomach)

This soft diet will continue for another 4days - mom's instruction to Auntie S.

Herbie and I can be partners in crime when it comes to food. I know where the food is and Herbie can use his eye power.

I had a little strength just now and posted my experience. U can check it out: http://www.scubatoo.blogspot.com/

Joey said...

Eh... Herbie can u teach me? Whenever I tried to use eye power, Auntie W or HC will said "So Rude"...(I had to stand up on 2 legs cos I am too short for the aunties to see my eyes)

ice said...

i never use eye power... maybe i should try. herbie, u really have lots of tricks up your paws... the diarrheoa when u eat kibbles.. cant muster the diarrheoa. i tried to drink lots of water. but still..