Friday, March 10, 2006

Free Dinners

Ever since Scuba has been discharged, he has been put on a strict diet of porridge to that his tummy won't be overworked.

However, that would mean the mixed rice with meat and veges that was pre-cooked for his dinner would be put to waste, since he can't take solids right now. What? Food put to waste? That's a SIN! But never fear, Aunty V has been inviting me over to Scuba's house for the last two nights to help finish up his dinner.

Poor Scuba, I think he digest porridge very quickly, because he always seems hungry these few days. Kept following the humans around to the kitchen, which he seldom does. And last night, when I was eating his dinner, I can see him licking his lips from the corner of my eyes. Aunty V even told my M that Scuba woke her up in the middle of the night and went to the kitchen.

The funny thing is, all the humans thought Scuba has lost weight, but when they weighed him the other night, his weight remained the same. Where did all that mass go?

Anyway, don't worry Scuba. Your porridge diet will soon be over. If not, I can always help you with your food. Hiak hiak hiak...

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Scuba said...

Herbie, I totally agreed it is a sin. In fact i would consider it a MORAL sin.

I hope you enjoyed Auntie S's home cook food (Rafv did too). Heehee, you caught me licking my lips eh!!! I didn't realise that. I thought you were so engrossed eating. Why didn't you leave some for me?

I have no idea why my weight stayed the same.

Yes, 2 nights ago I woke up mummy. She thought I wanted to go out to poo & doesn't realised I was hungry. I was half asleep then but I guess my tummy directed my legs to the kitchen. No food was given to me though. But mom got the message. So instead of giving me porridge 4X a day, yesterday, I had 5 (one at 9pm).

I think I am going to see Dr Tan tomorrow morning. I overheard mom telling her friends that she is 'kiasu'