Friday, March 03, 2006

I passed!

My probation... I passed! Thanks to my strong will power, I controlled the urge to frantically scratch my head! So now I'm back to wearing a t-shirt, coz my M can't trust me enough not to chew my body yet.

Speaking of lampshades, my M and MM has been VERY bad to me the last few days, playing mind games with me. I know that whenever they are dressed up for work, it will be time to don the lampshade. So I've been trying to hide whenever they are dressing. But, a big dog like me has no place to hide! Some days my M will run after me with a gleeful smile on her face and the lampshade in her hand while I cower in the corner.

Some days they make me think that I don't have to wear the lampshade by saying their goodbyes and opening the door to leave the house. Just as I was heaving a hugh sigh of relief, they run back and pounce onto poor, unsuspecting me with the lampshade.

Sometimes both leave the house, and there I was, counting my lucky stars and getting comfy when my MM will come back 20 minutes later (after sending my M to work). Afterwhich the lampshade appears again when he's leaving for work.

This is absolute mental torture! And bad for my heart!

Can someone help get them an appointment with the psychologists? I think they need their heads checked. I tried calling but the receptionist couldn't understand my whines.


Scuba said...

How about coming to my house? At least Sam will look after you and ensure you don't scratch.

Actually you can help me distract her so I can bite my paws hehe

Herbie said...

scuba, sure! we'll make a good tag team!

Scuba said...


Dont let our mom know