Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Of humps and humps.....

Well, with yesterday being a rainy evening, my friends came over to my place instead. And with no park to expand our energy (not that I have a lot anyway), we ended up playing at home.

For those who were worried about Scuba after his surgery, fret not, for he has fully recovered. And I have the evidence to prove it. He's back to his old ways, stuffing his face into other's mouth, chewing his paws and..... humping. Yes, humping, not one, but two dogs.

Here's us trying to have a face to face talk... too much face to face, in fact.

Scuba: Mummph humph phhstt hmpuh mmumph
Me: Phffft muppfft humhhh pshtttt

Scuba's mummy doesn't let him chew his paw, so I think he made a pact with Tommy.

You chew my paw, and I'll chew your ear, deal?

Humping me... and Tommy. See, his belly is no longer too tender for humping.

Scuba: Another deal Tommy, distract Herbie while I hump him!

You cannot escape!

Tommy: Get away from me, you pervert!

Even Rafv joined into the humping game.... and guess who was the victim? Me again! But I shall post that on another day. Aunty R has filmed Rafv red-pawed, and she will be sending the evidence to my M. So I shall write about that once I get my paws on the evidence.


kookabaru said...

why does Herbie always get humped??!!

ice said...

dun worry. i wont hump u... be my friend... kekeke..

herbie said...

I don't know either... coz they like me? hmm...

Mocha said...

Omg... didn't know Scuba is gay, giving mouth to mouth kisses and humping Herbie! Hehehe... Herbie you are a male-attracter. :P

shirleow@hotmail.com said...

Yikes! humpers & wet ears!!! u stay away from me u perverts!!!!