Friday, January 13, 2006


It's been a WWW... Wet Wet Week. Nothing much has been happening except rain and more rain. It's been raining since Sunday, and everyday I hope that 'Today will be a better day'. No such luck tho. I'm getting bored to tears at home. Luckily I still get to meet up with my friends the beginning of the week.

With no park, our owners have resorted to taking us for long walks after the rain has stopped at night. Aunty G said that the walks have been good for Joey's nails, they've been filed down quite nicely by the concrete, so that she need not cut them as much. I hope my M hears her. Her nail cutting skills are quite horrendous. I count myself lucky if I don't get blood half the time.

My M has been telling me to look forward to the weekend. I think they're going to bring us dogs for Chinese New Year Shopping on saturday. That's sounds like a great idea! Actually, anything sounds like a great idea after no park for one week.

I heard that they sell food there.... now excuse me while I go brush up on my begging skills... *sniggers*

Please... can I have some?


rafv said...

I went to long walk yesterday as well! Quite fun! but I prefer the monkies route.(I mean the way we can see monkies), Shall we ask Mums and Dads to go that route again?
Please help me to beg..


Scuba said...

I must admit I enjoyed the long walk. My nails are well manicured / pedicured too.

Besides, I am allowed to pick up sticks (or what Auntie G called them branches).

Going Chinese New Year shopping??? My mom going out tonight without me. Herb can you ask you mom if she will take me and Auntie S with her? I can't beg the way you do so please help me or I will be alone at home - OH NO.

please please please help help