Thursday, January 05, 2006

Time Flies

A year has past, and I'll soon be another year older. Just to remind you guys, my birthday's on 31 Jan, so get your presents ready!

Actually, 31 Jan is not really my birthday. I don't really know the date I was born. It's kind of hard to keep track of the day and month and year when you're just a day old pup you know. My M adopted me about 3 years ago, but she was told I'm 18 months old when actually I'm much older than that. Oh well, I can't help having the perpetual puppy look.

Me about 2 years ago, don't I look good for my age!

Anyway, my second owner only had me for a week before deciding to give me up. She claims that she's afraid that I will accidentally scratch her kids when I jump. Phish! It's her loss and my gain! I'm such a gentle dog that I even let the neighbour's kid poke my ears and pull my tail! I'll never hurt a kid. My 2nd owner did not ask my first owner about my age. Actually, I don't think she knows much about dogs. I was only given a 15 min walk the whole week I was there, and I was bathed everyday! All those shampoo gave me bad fur days, and my fur became as dry as hay.

My M took me to the vet for a check up after adopting me and the vet guessed my age to be about 3 years old then. So to make things easy to remember, my M decided that my birthday shall be on 31 Jan. So after 3 years with her, I am soon going to be 6! Or so she hopes. She's praying that I'm not older than 6. Anyway, the numbers game doesn't really bother me, as long as there's food.

Last year was great, Aunty G baked me a birthday cake, and treats for all my friends as well. I heard that my M is going to ask Aunty G to bake my cake this year again. I wonder if I can ask Aunty G to bake me a 25kg cake. Imagine that.... a cake as heavy as me.... how heavenly~~
(M: No way you're getting a 25kg cake. Imagine the tummyache you're gonna have once you eat that up! And who'll be the one cleaning up after you?)

Oh shucks... you can never blame a dog for wishing right? Maybe if I just whisper very softly into Aunty G's ears, my M will never find out.

Yummy cake!

As with tradition, the birthday dog gets first lick.

Shall I attack from here.... or here?

As usual, most of my presents were food. I wonder what will I get this year. Maybe I shall have a wish list:

- a 25kg birthday cake
- No to Tommy's old rope toy!
- Or to new rope toys
- New leash and collar to match my Gucci top
- Or new LV top to match my leash and collar
- Dried treats
- Food
- Food
- Food
- Food
- And so on and so forth...

Ok guys, so you know what I want now. Why are you still sitting in front of your computer! Go SHOPPING!

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