Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

It's 2006! Happy New Year!!

Well, because New Year's Eve is such a special occasion, I've got lots of food that day. I accompanied my M to the market while she bought fish and pork and chicken and vegetables... but alas, not all were for me. However, she did buy me a pork bone to chew. She thinks my teeth are starting to get dirty and it's time to clean up.

Look at the size of the bone!

While letting me chew the bones, she started preparing the meat for the steamboat on New Year's Day. The bits and pieces of meat were added to my dinner, so I had chicken, pork, fish and pork pancreas, as well as kai lan for dinner. I wasn't too bothered about what she was doing coz I was too busy with my bone.

Don't mind the bloody paws, I'm just enjoying my bone.

It was raining again in the afternoon so no dog run again. But we're all going to Aunty V's house for bbq. Too bad dogs are not allowed in the bbq area, so I couldn't beg. We dogs were left in the house with Aunty S while the rest of the humans went for the bbq downstairs.

I did not tell Aunty S that I've already been fed a scrumptious dinner, so she gave me dinner again. Tee hee hee... I got 2 dinners in one night. However, I think I ate too much. My M and Aunty G commented that I looked bloated. And indeed, my tummy was feeling a bit queer. I had a bit of the runs as well from too much food. My M says serves me right for being so greedy.

Nevermind, all in all, I thought it was a good end to a fantastic 2005. I wonder what 2006 will bring me. More food perhaps?


Rafv said...

haha, your photos! you look so contented...

Scuba said...

Me too. I had a pork bone on New Year's Day. They are good aren't they. Yum