Sunday, January 15, 2006

New Hangout

Hey guys! I've just found a great new place to hang out! You know, I was supposed to go CNY shopping on Saturday evening but my M heard that the place we were supposed to go had not very good reviews. Apparently there were not much stalls and dogs had to be carried. Well, the last time my M carried me, she strained her back, so I don't think she's gonna carry me AND shop at the same time.

Anyway, the humans decided to try out a new place for dinner. They (and us) get sick of going to the same old places everytime. There's not much eating place we dogs can go, especially when we usually go out in such a big group.

Aunty G remembered this place called 'BottleTree Village' (what a funny name!) which serves food in outdoor setting. My M called up to confirm they allow dogs and made reservations. I think it's quite far away as it took quite long for us to reach there. The place was BIG! and we could smell the sea air. Tommy kept looking towards the sea, I think he wanted to go swim.

BottleTree Village

The food seems quite nice too (I don't really know, they did not give me any food, but my M and the aunties mentioned it) and the night breeze cooling. The humans said they will go back again.

Something funny about the waiters there... I think they have never seen us dogs before. They were standing in a group behind us and kept talking about us. Maybe we're too handsome *smirk* so they can't help but look at us.

Hope the next time rafv and Scuba could join us.


rafv said...

Maybe the waiters were so amazed by your begging food face? hiak hiak...

Scuba said...

I wanted to go but Auntie Sam didn't want to go.

Bet if mom was around that night, we would have join you.