Monday, January 23, 2006

Cat Attack

Yup, you've read the heading correctly. I was attacked by a cat today as I walked back from the park. For those who do not know, I get along well with cats, in the sense that i want to play with them but they do not want to play with me. I wonder why... there was once long ago that I saw a stray cat, and did my play bow but the cat hissed at me. Well, Aunty V's cats, Pepper and Ginger, don't like to play with me too, but they're fine with me around.

Anyway, today I was just minding my own business, walking with my M along the path at the park leading to the overhead bridge, and at the side of the path were 2 kittens and a mother cat. Well, we had to walk past that path to go home, and at both sides were railings, so we can't climb over. My M even told me, "No going after kitty cats."

Well, I'm such an obedient boy, of course I obeyed. I even walked on the other side of the pavement, but one of the kittens got spooked, and ran right into my path! Of course, the protective mother cat rushed right at me and started hissing and swiping me with her claw. I was so angry at this unprovoked attack that I barked at her to back off but I don't think cats understand dog talk well.

Looking at the diagram below, the blue arrow is where the cats ran. I don't understand, there's such a big patch of grass behind. If the kitten was trying to escape, shouldn't it run AWAY from me instead of INTO my path? Cats... they only think they're smart.

Re-enactment drawing. Forgive the bad drawing... a paw can only do so much with a mouse..

My M was afraid that I'll get scratched, as a cat's claws are so much sharper, that she tried to drag me away, but that cat kept coming at me. Of course, I tried to bite back to defend myself but it's kinda difficult with a collar dragging me away. My M also tried to push the cat away with her leg, but Aunty G said that she has bad hand-eye co-ordination, coz she kept missing the cat. At one point, she managed to drag me about 0.5m away from the cat but it came charging back at me again.

Luckily, a caucasian man ran over and helped pin the cat down. I tell you, it's soooo embarrassing when my M fussed over me to check if I've been scratched. By then, Aunty G, Aunty W, Uncle M and Uncle C have ran back to see what happened (they had left a bit earlier and were at the car park). I think everyone thinks that I lost to the cat, with all the attention that my M was giving to me.

Actually, only Aunty G thought of saving me with Jack and Joey, coz she thought I was fighting with a dog. The park was a bit dark and she was a distance away, so she could not see properly. But when she realised that it's a cat that I'm fighting with, she backed off. Because Big Boss is afraid of cats.... VERY afraid. So he won't be much help in a fight. And Uncle C did not realise that I was the one involved. He just heard some angry barking and being the kpo that he is, he just came back to see the 'show'.

Oh well, I was not the worst for wear, and all the aunties came to cuddle me and scratched my head to make sure I was alright. They forget, I've drawn blood before and am perfectly capable of protecting myself. But of course, I won't pass up a good tummy rub, so I let them coo over me.

The cat was let off with a stern warning. It better not cross my path again or I'll give it a piece of my mind...

Don't cross my path!

...with a back up army of Rafv, Tommy and Scuba of course.... right guys?


misha said...

hello herbie. you're beautiful. can i play with you sometime? i'm not big like you. in fact, i'm rather small and i have fluffy shih tzu fur. but you look real friendly and i think we'll make great pals.

i wish my mummy would get off her lazy butt, stop mollycoddling and hugging me all the time, and learn how to put pictures of me up on her blog. that way you can see how pretty i am too. right now, the only picture mummy has of me is here

herbie said...

Hello misha, I tried to go to your dogster account but I can't find you. Yeah... I'm really friendly with all animals... and humans too.

Time to ask your mummy to revamp her blog.

Rafv said...

hiak hiak.. You are... Herbie.. I will be sure to back up for you next time when you are involved in a cat fight, if My M allow me to join.. I am pretty well in cat fight, you know. Practise at Anite V house. I roughly know what kind of pattern the cats use to attack. My skill come in handy, maybe :)


lauteur=Michael%20Chua; lesite=http%3A// said...

Poor fella, i would force my way away from M's restraint & bite off that bloody cat's head for scratching me! :( That oughta teach those crappy cats for messing with me ;p

Michael Chua said...

I would bite off the cat's head if i were u ;p

animalfamily said...

herbie, you very cute! and so lucky you have a nice loving home. but have to spare a thought for the stray cats le. they very poor thing have to fend for themselves on the streets so can't blame them for being defensive. my mummy picks us off the streets and because of that, we very happy to live with dog when mummy found a Poodle Maltese cross in bad shape in our neighbourhood. don't you think when humans abandon their pets, dogs or cats or rabbits (yes, our Rabbeet also we found in our neighbourhood), is a heinous unforgivable crime? all the best to you, may you not have to contend with another stray cat on your daily walk.

Herbie said...

I hope I won't see another fierce cat again. I was quite traumatised that I was even worried about Ginger. My M took a picture of me and Ginger together, I think she will post it up soon.