Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Beach Boys!

It was another public holiday (public holidays? Aren't everyday a holiday?) on Monday so our owners all decided to pack us off to the beach. So off to sentosa we went, early in the morning. My M and MM almost could not wake up. I was supposed to meet my friends at 9am but they were still asleep at 8:15am!! Luckily my M managed to wake up in time, but not without complaining that I woke her up at 4am to poo. Actually, I woke her up to remind her to go to the beach but since she brought me down for toilet, I might as well carry on with my business right?

Anyway, it started to drizzle a bit on our way there, and I was worried for a while. Fortunately, the rain had stopped by the time we arrived. I had fun frolicking in the sand and even attempted to go into the water. Actually I only wanted to play with Tommy but he keeps going into the water so swim so I had no choice but to follow him in. Jack and Joey won't play with me and Scuba was too busy worrying about the waves to play.

I've got sand in my nose!

Running after Tommy

Scuba later managed to find a stick and was busy playing with it. Actually, I don't think 'stick' is the correct word. That thing is more like a branch!

Blowing his own trumpet

He was so happy with his find that he went a bit crazy, running and jumping around for joy.

Erm... anything think we should call a doc?

Maybe Rafv thinks he has gone too crazy and decided to calm him down.... but stuffing his head in his mouth. That's a mighty weird way of quieting someone down.

I wonder if the head fits....

Maybe if I try to fit in from this angle...

But the plan worked. Scuba did quiet down. I think he was traumatised. We later saw blood on him and we thought Rafv had bitten him accidentally, but it turned out that clumsy Rafv bit his own lips in excitement.

Poor Scuba was later dragged into the water by Uncle M to swim. He thought without Aunty S around, no one would make him swim, but he was wrong... *sniggers*

Muscle Man with.... Muscle Dog!

Me? I can't be bothered to save him. Was having too much fun with Tommy's rope toy. I think I should not have shown so much enthusiasm in chewing the rope. I heard Aunty W said that since I like the rope toy so much, she has decided to wash it and give it to me as my birthday present. Darn!

I wonder if ice cream tastes like this.

After a long morning, the humans decided to call it a day. Scuba, Jack and Joey went home first while me, Rafv and Tommy went for a shower. We were 3 miserable, wet dogs. Funny how Tommy has no qualms about jumping into the sea but can look sad while showering.

Drenched and Dripping

Rafv was totally disgruntled at looking so unglam. He looks so funny with a fluffy head and wet body! Hiak hiak hiak!

Quit looking at me, will'ya.

As for me, I tried to sneak away to avoid being rinsed but was unsuccessful.

Stealth mode.... ON!

By the time we finished showering, the humans decided to take us for a long walk to dry off, so off we went to Siloso Beach. The grass was so nice there that we were all made to take a group photo.

Rafv, your're supposed to smile for the camera, not doze off!

The humans decided to have Ben & Jerrys after the long walk. I tried my best to beg for a spoonful but they all ignored me! And my M made me pose next to the B&J sign. So near to the ice cream, and yet so far. Sigh!

They went to Sentosa for ice cream and all I got was this lousy photo!

Uncle M then met up with his friends for volleyball. I was so tired that I almost dozed off on my M's lap. What was I doing in her lap? Well, she did not want me lying on the sand after my bath so decided to make me her lap dog.

By the time we reached home, it was already 4pm. One whole day at the beach! Everyone was so tired that we had a nap. And my M and MM even let me climb up onto the sofa bed with them and we snuggled in the cool aircon for our power naps.

What a wonderful day. There should be more public holidays like this!


Scuba said...

hehe your M looked so sleepy yesterday and she complained to my mom about you waking her up at 4am.

Your M is a good photographer. Herb, the picture don't look like you (running after Tommy).

Haha yes big branch. Don't I look like one of those aborigines down in Australia blowing into the pipes. I am easily satified (plastic bags and tree branches).

The pic of Rafv and I - mind mind, don't it look like this BIG BAD WOLF was off hunting a pig.

Poor you guys having to take a shower in public. I had mine at home. Yes you guess it, after the shower, straight off to bed.


JaffeBoy said...

Looks like alot of fun...

Rafv mum said...

hehe, nice photos! I wonder rafv went to swim or not... Heard from Caster that rafv was very tired on that day, sleep like Scuba..Oops!like pig.. keke


rafv mum said...

Herb, Thanks for nice photos!